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12/20/2020 c1 10HopelessWanderer0252
Short and powerful, thank you for writing this it's an important scene I was sad we never got to see.
1/25/2020 c1 25Lillian Smith
Here I am binge reading some of your fics in the dead of the night...

This was so nice, although I wish it had been longer. I'd like it if the conversation was a bit longer, but I guess it would just be mainly silent.

Harry being so calm feels just like him. A shiver went up my spine when I read that small paragraph on that day's horrors.

Good job.
9/23/2018 c1 2darkpheonix31
Incredibly sweet piece. Too often Ron and Harry's friendship is overlooked or Ron's character is bashed as being unloyal. Great job
11/25/2017 c1 8Lucinda Hindle
So sweet! At first I couldn't fathom what was happening, but finally I realised that it was after the Battle of Hogwarts, I loved it. So beautifully written! Loved it!
11/2/2017 c1 escapistictendencies
I did not need this much damn
5/6/2016 c1 DarkPhoenix
Aahhh love. Oh you don't know how beautiful this is and how amazing a writer you are.
1/11/2016 c1 1Luna and Ginny
An amazing little story! I search this website for gems like this. The friendship between Ron and Harry is waaaaay under represented by this fandom, something that I believe was started by the movies. This is a totally Ron thing. He may usually keep his emotions to himself, but he would definitely have these moments with his friends every now and then. Thank you so much for writing this amazing story.
8/31/2015 c1 69great gospel
Yes! This moment definitely needed to happen. This is the friendship that started it all and really deserves more love. I love how emotional Ron is in this moment and how he just needs to tell Harry he loves him. Well done.
8/30/2015 c1 Guest
Very poignant. Really lovely moment that needed to be written.
8/30/2015 c1 HeCallsMeBeloved
Yassss! I love this story. Scratch that I love all your stories. You write the best HP friendship fics!
8/30/2015 c1 21notsing
Hey, thanks for this, and I agree; the friendship between Harry and Ron is WAY underrepresented in HP fan fiction. I like Hermione, but can we please have a break from everything being about her? There are other characters. And not every story has to be about shipping. This was a welcome relief.

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