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for Fate Magnus Bellum

7/28 c34 Guest
Ah, this is an interesting story and I'm curious about the continuation. It seems that the story is not even continued. I'm so sad.
7/17 c1 The Rogue Of Heroes
Forever waiting and hoping that a new update for this and your rewrite will show up, it’s one of my favorites and such a struggle to find anything good with Arthur Prototype and loved how you had him with Jeanne in this.

Wish you all the best doing whatever and will continue hoping for more!
4/28 c34 Guest
I will be lying If I said I don't check this page weekly to see if there is a new how much I love this fic and somehow I managed to consider it canon for myself (;
4/28 c1 Mizothelazy
I'm convincing myself that sir Altair is working on the re write secretly until the anniversary and then We will get our awaited beloved fic back ! Like anniversary surprise! ( I'm delusional )
1/1 c34 10Countless Stories
Respectfully. I think it's a bad idea to mark a story as complete without putting anything in the description saying that it's actually been abandoned. It can be misleading to people who are trying to look for completed stories. That's why I skipped ahead just to check.

Good luck on your rewrite.
9/30/2022 c34 Meimei09
Still waiting for the rewrite . I really loved this fic 3
8/18/2022 c1 of fan and fic
This going be good
4/24/2022 c34 1gokugunslinger
Love the story, I can't wait for the re-write!
4/18/2022 c6 fahri.uchiha
Nice chapter
4/18/2022 c5 fahri.uchiha
Thanks! 5
4/17/2022 c4 fahri.uchiha
Arthur and Mordred meet!
4/17/2022 c3 fahri.uchiha
How many Servants are summoned..
4/17/2022 c2 fahri.uchiha
Mordred knows his Father of course
4/17/2022 c1 fahri.uchiha
Interesting start!
10/13/2021 c10 Saemoon
Poor Robin hood has been humiliated during this chapter and even if I like him I still laughed so hard! XD

Jeanne is maybe gaining allies in Ayaka and Cu Chulainn. I'm curious to see if Cu and Jeanne could be friends and work together, he seems to be quite a tease

Great chapter
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