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8/16/2020 c1 Guest
Very, very good. Keep up the great work
5/18/2020 c1 Jostanos
*frowns* So Lily and James are alive and they _still_ sent Harry to 'Durzkaban'?
*sighs and shakes his head in disbelief* Idiots. Ye reap what ye sow!
3/9/2020 c1 4dcoon
Are you going to continue writing this story?
12/4/2018 c1 1Destrark
Oh god. Well this looked like it would be a really interesting story. Then everything went downhill because it turned out this was yet another stupid Harry gets dumped at the Dursleys by his parents for whatever stupid reason story.
10/15/2017 c1 46Hikari Nova
oh won't the potter and others be in for a surprise when they finally meet Harry and Esdeath
12/22/2016 c1 DasChinButton
Ok it's an interesting start. I know it's been over a year but I hope there's more soon.
12/4/2016 c1 5Warden of Lore
10/5/2016 c1 Dani
Harry /Esdeath
9/4/2016 c1 Guest
please continue this story please, It woud be awersome!
7/29/2016 c1 4Zaralann
7/3/2016 c1 freeforall546
this story looks good, update soon?
5/21/2016 c1 bipolar-penguinz
is harry gonna be a tsundere when it comes to esdeath
5/4/2016 c1 7AIRbooks
Please continue this!
11/29/2015 c1 Shattering
Dear lord, you need to write some more. I like how your story goes!
11/23/2015 c1 Chaos Karma
hmhmhmhehehehahahaaha how interesting this would be a great story if you make more chapters.
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