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9/15/2015 c1 The 1st Wandering King
Great so far keep it up
9/12/2015 c1 3TheGhostofAnime
Interesting concept and nice writing keep going
9/11/2015 c1 LuBu081
In love with the story so far. Keep up the great work.
9/11/2015 c1 HolyKnight5

Seriously, with Harold/Harald growing with Esdeath, i can imagine that he may decide to uphold the principle of the "Strong Rules and the Weak Serves or Perishes".. To create an Empire upon this World.
9/7/2015 c1 Guest
Awesome. Simply awesome. I'm really looking forward to seeing where this goes.
9/9/2015 c1 Mahesvara
Great story! Are you immediately time-skipping to canon or not?
9/6/2015 c1 a fan
Interesting start. Please continue.
9/6/2015 c1 1TykkiMikk
? where the fuck did Lily and James come from they should be dead well i lost all interest with the weird setting all together that made no sense what so ever.
9/6/2015 c1 Artemis-Ikana
Hmm... A Harry raised by Esdeath... Well, it'll be interesting if nothing else, and probably a hell of a ride regardless of where it goes. I look forward to seeing where this story walks.
9/3/2015 c1 Cheeseburger and fries
Interesting start, I'm curious which direction you take the story in. You should find someone who can proofread for you.
9/3/2015 c1 2Mangahero18
I like the idea but it needs more care to correct spelling mistakes.
9/2/2015 c1 Imperial warlord
Interesting story.
8/31/2015 c1 Yinko
Ah, a very good story, please continue.

I've only ever cared for the Empire in Akame ga Kiru, the NightRaid are boring and I was only willing to give the story a chance when I looked up Esdeath so see that she was an interesting character.

Having Lily and James alive is always interesting, but having the invitation never arrive is a nice touch, quite unique.
8/31/2015 c1 IceofOblivion
that crossover is something new and i like it already.
8/31/2015 c1 17Arawn D. Draven
I freakin' love this story already. Great job, and please keep up the good work, I've been hoping to find a similar story for a LONG while!
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