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for The Sapphire Princess

11/30 c37 Sw0rdS0ng
Id forgotten how much I loved this fic. Glad I tripped over it again for a nice, thorough re-read. <3
10/8 c18 mightoguy
huge plothole is just allowing Draco to stay without at least giving veratiserum or ligilimency to ascertain and obtain information from Draco. so many author simps for Draco, not wanting to even inconvenience him to very justifiably question his intentions.
10/7 c6 mightoguy
nobody likes a simp Hermione who is bookish but stupidly risks her life
10/7 c3 mightoguy
lol Fred is too funny
5/19 c61 12SuperSlyly
It was a great adventure
I'm finishing this story with tears in my eyes after the whole day of reading
4/7 c61 Akarin480
Amazing! Thanks for the story. I loved it!
3/16 c61 53erm31323
Really loved this story!
3/10 c30 erm31323
Such an emotional chapter! I hope Seamus will start healing with a change of scenery. I really like Blaise and Hermione's friendship.
3/9 c23 erm31323
So glad Blaise finally told her!
3/7 c17 erm31323
This was a great chapter! I'm glad she finally gave in to what she wanted.
3/6 c9 erm31323
Good god, Harry, Ron and Seamus need to get over their overprotective selves. Hermione isn't helpless, she wasn't even before the tattoo showed up. I want to smack all of them, honestly.
3/5 c4 erm31323
This story has sucked me in and I'm so intrigued by the premise and can't wait to see how this all unfolds.
2/14 c57 2Bauhinias
O My God.
2/6 c1 atroxhisses
So dark and dramatic! I love the way you set up this story.
1/25 c61 katriannemgsn
an absolutely PHENOMENAL story! Thank you so much for sharing! All the twists and turns really threw me for a loop in the best way possible. I saw another review mention that the summary didn’t do the story justice and I’m inclined to agree; I knew it would be well written and interesting for sure but you’ve set the bar for FanFiction even higher than I had imagined. Best wishes to you, author. I hope you’re doing well!
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