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10/1/2020 c1 Ash02002
Can you do a story on when Harry goes aboard the Enterprise?
1/31/2020 c1 gindensmi
I enjoyed this story!
1/19/2020 c1 KShara Khan
This is a very good story; i love the mating between Spock and Harry Potter but i do hope that you continue either with this story or a continuation of it!
9/22/2019 c1 582Raven
Very cute
9/13/2018 c1 Lady of Moon Over Silver Seas
They couldn't give Kirk a head's up? I guess that Marauder blood is contagious
8/12/2018 c1 hotcat
:-) great
10/3/2017 c1 9812550-Delete-Please
That was good.
11/23/2016 c1 1Mitsukini Haninozuka
7/10/2016 c1 Chellyisback
Omg, you wrote 2 of my favorites xovers off all times! Huge thanks! I love the idea of star trek/harry potter fics, just a pity there are so few of them, anyways, I liked your writing style a lot xoxoxo
3/13/2016 c1 8RenTenTen
12/28/2015 c1 7Lehna
Love it!
8/31/2015 c1 Guest
Nice. I hope you will write more for this story.
9/2/2015 c1 Anelees
I love it, it was amazing! XD I hope you add an epilogue, at least, about how the crew reacts to Harry.
8/31/2015 c1 mattcun
plz write more

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