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6/13 c27 Guest
6/13 c27 Guest
Panacea make adult stem cells mass produced injections and/or pills
6/4 c27 Guest
6/2 c27 Guest
6/1 c27 Guest
heavenly dragons weredragon commandos
6/1 c27 Guest
6/1 c27 Guest
6/1 c27 Guest
Court Marshall

Dereliction of duty, misappropriation of funds, conduct unbecoming of an officer
6/3 c27 21Duchess67
Wow, this Kenta person has NO honor at all, does he? Wow... Cold s.o.b. too. Yuck!

Hey, now I want to know how far away he's going to land! LOL Oh... Did he get blown out into the bay, I hope? I'd hate for him to land on people, because that would seriously suck. :(

*groans* Claire HAD to go there, didn't she? *snicker*
6/2 c26 Duchess67
Whoa... Well, that was quick! *vbg*

And Crusader has switched sides? LOL

So what happens to Traction/Panzer now? *curious*
6/2 c25 Duchess67
Well, Sherrel is definitely making a nuisance of herself, isn't she? LOL So much so that Crusader is going to let her be taken down? *shrugs*
6/2 c24 Duchess67
I almost feel sorry for Crusader. Almost. Sherrel, however, is a stupid idiot. I think she killed too many of her own brain cells before Claire sobered her up.

Piggott protecting Claire? I love it! LOL
6/2 c27 AzureLazuli
Fantastic! :D Marquis and his Watchers have style
6/1 c1 Lohoydo
I really want an omake where Marchioness meets Saurial and/or Ianthe from Taylor Varga. The mutual admiration society and the things The Amy's could learn from each other would be epic.
As an aside, autocowrekt sucks. The number of fixes and overrides for this post...
6/1 c23 Duchess67
Well that's gratitude for you. Traction kept the name Panzer, too? Ugh! I have a feeling Marquis AND Jonas will insist on a permanent solution to this problem. Rightly so, in my opinion, but I don't know what all you have planned. It'll be fun finding out! LOL

I hope Mega Girl doesn't get grounded!
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