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5/27 c30 haphazard1
Thanks for another fun chapter of this story. I liked the interaction with the heroes returning from Orlando, and the confrontation with Lung was also very good. I liked that he realized something was off about the Marquis he was facing; Kenta is not dumb even if he is a rage monster brute. The fallout from 'Marquis' being in two places at once with witnesses should be interesting.
5/24 c30 Guest
Kerrigan Heroes of the Storm skins cyberghosts/Tyranids/Insect Queen Bee

Yuuzhan Vong world ships biots

Krakoa superego phalanx
5/24 c30 Guest
5/26 c30 sao for life
Very nice chapter continuing on from the Amazing end bringer fight (gave me a good burst of adrenaline and laughter with the ending to that fight) Well Done
5/22 c30 Guest
5/22 c30 Guest
Spyke flaming arrow quills
5/22 c30 Guest
Except for the genuinely honest and sincere heroes the public will believe any bad thing about them in a heartbeat awesome line
5/22 c29 Guest
Yuuzhan Vong worldships biots
5/22 c29 Guest
Rao's familiars- Flamebird and Nightwing Angelus Warriors: combined Shadowflamewing/Imperium of Mankind Double psyber Eagle egg/sunstone; Rao (god of the sun), Cythonna (goddess of ice) Yuda (goddess of the moon), Telle (god of wisdom), Mordo (god of strength), and Lorra (goddess of beauty)

Familiars- Wolves, Scratch-9-Gyrinx-Sabretooth/Witch familiar/pharaoh-Alley-Kat-Abra (Sleen),Ravens (American Eagle), Monkey, Winged Unicorn, Gryphon, (Black, White, Gray, Rainbow) Phoenix, Phaethon and Savitar, the sun dogs (dragons-insect to cat to Kaiju sized)- born out of Solaris' own nuclear furnace, and heir to his hydrogen-fueled power and fury Octus, the eight-dimensional cephalopod - from the bottom of the seas of neptune. While it is impossible for creatures limited to a three-dimensional perception of the universe to fully understand his powers, his weird limpet grenades have proven to be most effective weapons.

Wormhole - unfathomable denizens of the black gulfs between stars, with the ability to bend space and time to his command
5/22 c29 Guest
Surgery could help in certain cases

Brain therapy if there is a cyst no amount medication and therapy will help

Similar symptoms can come from vastly different minor brain damage

Look. There are perfectly valid logical and compassionate reasons for heroes not to kill. Just off the top of my head:
-because superheroes are technically illegal vigilantes, so it's best not to rock the boat too much by committing actions, such as homicide, that cannot be repaired;
-because villains often have unique abilities that might one day be key to saving the day (ex: Lex Luthor actually saved the world a couple of times);
-because being a superhero is incredibly stressful and at times even soul crushing, so keeping an optimistic attitude about man's inherent ability to be redeemed is good for your mental health;
-because killing a villain might accidentally cause a chain reaction wherein more villains come up to cause more harm (ex: if you kill a villain who has kids and the kids then want revenge);

I'm sure I could think of more good reasons if it were my paid job to write about the topic.

I get the point they were trying to make no amount of hugs is going to change someone like that it's not a mad dog's fault it's mad and no matter how adorable a mad dog is a mad dog it's okay to feel sorry for them but there is only one thing to be done about it

Society's restitution for its failures

But there is triage to consider

It IS society's fault but all it can do is try to be and do better in the future and the mess still has to be cleaned up

Got thinking of Omakes where they're taken in by Balalaika and Chang

Got thinking Black Lagoon omakes
Gun Pixie (BB Hood)
summon werebear/dragon kaiju commandos swarms/flocks/ (Fin Fang Foom wear cities as crowns crew fleets of spaceships)
Tanya von Degurechaff
Hanmyo mystic martial arts super intelligent cat familiars spaceship
Schrodinger Hellsing

Krakoa/Superego/Phalanx Sunstone/Fortress of Solitude
5/22 c30 LeoniLiponscovi2
Awesome fic!
5/22 c30 1dreaddragonknight
Good chapter, good characterization
5/22 c30 2Jack Inqu
Nice to see the heroes treating Claire with respect and appreciation. I wonder how that will affect things in Brockton Bay going forwards.

Yeah, it was only a matter of time before Lung tried something like this. The upcoming confrontation should be interesting; if they really wanted to anger Lung, they could taunt him about how much better Claire handled Leviathan compared to his efforts.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
5/22 c30 13feauxen
Do none of them care that Lung just broke the fucking Endbringer Truce? Yeah, injured pride is a thing, but at the moment they could call in the heroes and get them to interview civilian bystanders of the heroes’ choosing before then marching through Lung’s territory with an army of the ‘great and the good’ at their backs.

This would give them total control of the city in ways they don’t already have, does Marquis just not care ?
5/22 c30 4hvm2k2
So Lung violates the Endbringer truce and no one says anything? Isn't that one of the few things that brings EVERYONE down on your ass?
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