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9/10 c33 3doRodrigo
Great chapter as usual. I hope you update it soon. Thank you for providing your time to create entertainment to all your readers.
9/2 c13 1SixFtWookie
Love Marquis' interaction with Brandish, someone needs to talk to her like that occasionally. Was really expecting QA to show up, but I suppose I'll have to be patient.
8/12 c33 TheWickedTruth89
Great chapter, I can't wait to see more.
8/2 c33 Chezzzz
Different path, nice going!
6/21 c33 Fetteraga
I have to admit when they left Sophia in the room, I thought "how are you not dead yet"

triggering is an admittedly uncommon event, but leaving a girl chained up in a room while you drag her friend into a different room to by own admission turn her into a compliant slave is the kind of thing that gets people in this world to trigger with brute powers. they barely could handle base level Sophia, imagine brute rating 5 Sophia in a homicidal rage.
6/16 c33 97531
It's ironic Sofia saved Emma. Again.
6/16 c30 97531
Wasn't Lungs attack a violation of Endbringer truce?
6/16 c28 97531
Pleased to see Abigail is back.
6/12 c33 10RevDorothyL
I'm loving this story. :)
6/7 c26 28Kairan1979
So he recruited Crusader too. Nice.
6/7 c8 AMurder0fCrows
Finally some possible panacea x glorygirl OTP
6/7 c7 AMurder0fCrows
Fuck yeah! Non heroic Amy Dallon!
6/4 c33 1Palletking2001
Shadow Stalker triggers...Hopefully, no PRT for her.
5/31 c25 97531
I was pleasantly surprised when Crusader looked the other way.
5/31 c25 28Kairan1979
"Armoured hero". If only he knew...
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