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6/2 c7 Guest
Is everything okay with you?
5/20 c7 heart
I've been watching Dissidia videos latly, and I'm really looking forward to seeing more of your version of it. I hope you find time soon.
5/1/2019 c7 1Anko4Life
I really Look forward to seeing the next chapter.
4/30/2019 c7 Guest
When's the next chapter? When's the next chapter?
1/15/2019 c7 visitor
I'm really looking forward to the final confrontation with Garland and the others. Hope you find the time!
1/6/2019 c7 Guest
What's the hold up? Writer's block?
6/13/2018 c7 Gry21
Hi, been a while;)
I found a new Dissidia game on youtube called " Dissidia Final Fantasy NT ". I have NO idea if you're gonna make a version of that game with Sakura, but in case you are and don't know, at the moment, how to put Sakura in it:
All over the World B, there are tablets, written in Al Bhed. Each of the tablets tells what is really going on in World B, and the true origins of the new gods, Materia and Spiritus. Materia and Spiritus each have a tablet that looks different from all the others, but they can't read the language.
Somehow, the remains of Cosmos's spirit brings Sakura to World B, who finds herself in the middle of nowhere, lost and confused.
After Spiritus makes his presence known to Materia and her champions, after they say what they say in the game, before ending the call, Spiritus notices the tablet Materia has ( You can decide most of what they all say ). Then, Spiritus looks to his left, where a screen like window appears ( while it appears on Materia's right ). Everyone then sees the confused and lost Sakura looking around. Sakura then notices one of the tablets and recognize the language. As she looks at the tablet, she reads it out loud to herself, which shows our heroes and villains that she can read the tablets. Spiritus announces to Materia that they have found their translator, and decides to make things fun by seeing which of their champions can find Sakura and bring her to either him or Materia.
At different points, Sakura is found by the champions of Spiritus, but every time luck is on her side and she gets away, sometimes by herself, sometimes by help from the champions of Materia.
Later, Sakura is found by Cloud and Bartz, who takes her to Materia, as Spiritus, Warrior of Light, Cecil and Noctis makes contact, Sakura finally learns what her purpose is " You want me to translate your tablets? Why didn't you all just say so? You could have just asked me instead of all this chasing around! ". She then discover that the two tablets actually fit together.
Later, as both sides are preparing for their fight to lure out Shinryu, Materia and Spiritus levitate their tablets, so that the two halfs meet each other in the middle of the battle field. Sakura follows as she watches the two tablets. Then, the two tablets combine, forming a complete tablet. Once it has been placed on the ground, Sakura kneels down, ready to try and translate. Materia then puts a barrier of light around Sakura and the tablet, so that they are protected from the fight. Sakura ignores everyone's fight, focusing only on the tablet. Spiritus's half tells of how they can defeat Shinryu, while Materia's half tells how she and Spiritus can solve their problem with each other without involving others. Then, after she announces " I got it. I got it! ", the light barrier around her disappears. Then, a second later, thunder is heard in the sky, and Shinryu arrives. After a few seconds of silence, Shinryu's eyes falls on Sakura, realizing that she knew the secret of how to defeat him, and sends out the blast attack, most of it aimed at Sakura. Realizing this, Materia and Spiritus quickly gets in front of Sakura and protects her as everyone else protect one another. Once the blast is over, Spiritus offers Sakura a helping hand, helping her to her feet. Once Sakura is on her feet, she calls out to everyone that she knows how to defeat Shinryu. Knowing that defeating Shinryu was the only way home, everyone puts aside their pride and listens to Sakura's instructions. By listening to Sakura's instructions, they defeat Shinryu. As the dragon explodes, Materia pulls Sakura close, protecting her, while Spiritus stands as a shield before the two ladies, while everyone else is blown away.
Puuhhh… Glad to get that out of my head.
6/4/2018 c7 Guest
What's next?
4/11/2018 c7 Guest
Only one more chapter you say?
3/13/2018 c7 Guest
Hope to see more;)
2/11/2018 c7 Guest
Just curious. What do you do in your daily life?
2/10/2018 c7 Guest
Hope you find time to update soon!
2/9/2018 c7 Guest
Did you say one last chapter?
1/21/2018 c7 Guest
Anybody home?
11/25/2017 c7 Gry21
I don't know what you're doing out there in your daily life, but I hope you'll sort it out soon.
All this waiting has made me grow some ideas for your stories, and as always, the only way to get rid of them is to share them:
IF you were to make a version of Final Fantasy X-2 with Sakura, perhaps there can be a oc group of three male sphere hunters? The leader can be one year older than Sakura, and there can be two special key things about. He can be half Al Bhed like Yuna, and he can have rose coloured hair, like Lightning. ( You can decide the other two ). The Gullwings can have a run in with the oc males during a sphere hunt. At first they fight, but during the fight, Sakura looses an important item to her. She kneels down to pick it up, but at the same time, the oc leader also kneeled down to pick it up, which makes their fingers intertwined. At this, the two slowly look up and make eye contact. At that moment, Love at Frist Sight strikes them, even if they don't realize anything just yet. And later, upon realizing something is wrong with the Aeons, the oc males decides to join our heroes. Even saluting Yuna while saying " High Summoner Yuna. The ( team name ) is at your service! " And during the quest, Rikku and Paine and the two other oc males starts to, slowly, fall for each other, while Sakura and the oc leader grows closer.
What'd you think? Interesting way for Sakura to get a boyfriend;)?
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