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for Before It Froze

3/18/2019 c7 11Kamiccola
I enjoyed this a lot. It was a very fun in the beginning and once it got serious, it made sense. Good job.
2/21/2018 c3 7nymphadora-era
This story is soooo underrated. It needs more love Gosh! Love the way you characterised Jack and Elsa so I'm in love with this story even after having read it millions of times. Wish you'd write more jelsa stories like this
11/21/2017 c7 Freedom is choice
1/24/2017 c7 Paty
The story was amazing!
Congratulations and thank you sister for the idea! ;)
10/11/2016 c7 27yellowlightning
I thoroughly enjoyed this story! Only wishes the chapters were a little longer. The storyline is unique. I like the take you did with the prophecies and heroes and villains. And you incorporated Jack, Elsa, and the Hogwarts. ) Well done! I hope you consider writing this pairing again. Keep up the great work!
6/6/2016 c7 PHANTOMSIXTH247
Aghhhh I accidentally tapped the post button, my bad.

As I was saying, I really like how you portray Jack's character, I can imagine his goofy smirk when he and Elsa are a thing now. I wish you can write another story of them. This story's chapters are so few for me and most of the others liking.

I hope I didn't sound demanding, I just wanna say that we didn't get enough of the Jelsa fluff goodness. The kiss didn't affect my feels much.

Anyways, great job tho.
6/6/2016 c7 Starpoisonousghoulkid
Fluffy fluff fluff~ 3

This is a brilliant story, you really portrayed Jack and Elsa's character really good. Like I can really see that Jack is just a boy who knows how to have fun and Elsa is like the queen she truly is.

But I have one concern, the main plot wasn't really revealed much, I expect a lot more of the climax, but now that I read it, it's just...eh. I mean, Elsa just made Pitch asleep, and then bam! Jack is now free. Isn't that a little too easy? Even though Pitch is just a first year in here, I think THE Nightmare King is better than that.

But anyway, I really like it, it's so fluffy. The part when if only Jack didn't care about his manly image, he would've squealed like a little girl
4/19/2016 c7 1kittymoon14
Well done! This made me smile and laugh. Something I wish could happen all the time. Keep up the beautiful writing and never stop!
1/5/2016 c7 9misspandalily
12/20/2015 c7 Guest
That was so feelsy and adorable and fluffy and I can't even control the feels right now
12/10/2015 c5 Elsa Lovers Fans
I'd love to see Elsa being the whole entire center of attention a lot, far more than ever.
12/10/2015 c7 15SAMtheAvenger
Dammit...I was hoping there was more...o3o But that was so cute, you did awesomely and now I want more...so damn you for being so good :p
9/2/2015 c1 pikopika
Year 1:
-I love that Jack and Aster became friends!
-Magic explains everything!
-Jack shoving past Aster never gets old no matter how many times I read it, lol! (**)
-Why does everyone have to be cute first years!?
-Aw, Jack and Elsa looked at each other! They’re so cute. (**)

Year 2:
-We get to read from Elsa’s point of view now!
-Oh, I love Rapunzel! (**)
-*gasp* Elsa was going to take off her gloves. (*゚O゚*)
-That was smooth flying, Jack.
-Aw, those two cuties! (**)

Year 3:
-Aw, poor Aster.
-I love that Elsa’s White Rabbit is so cute even Jack can barely resist it! lol! (**)
-LOL! Rapunzel AND Aster both ship Jack and Elsa together.
-Oh Jack, and his relationship with shoes, lol! (**)
-Man, I love that you had them create the White Rabbit and March Hare! So cute! (**)

Year 4:
-i“The cold had never bothered Elsa.”/i Of course! (**)
-Elsa knows how to have a good time!
-I’m so hungry from even the mentioning of food! (」ロ)」
-Whoa, that was a dramatic turn.

Year 5:
-Aw, poor Aster and Jack. It sucks to be part of the Faerie Prophecy! (」ロ)」
-Oooh, Elsa made herself noticeable to Jack! (**)
-Man, Jack and Elsa are at that age! (**) They’re so cute.
-Aw, all of them are at that complicated age where they don’t know what they’re doing! (」ロ)」

Year 6:
-Oooh, Jack saw Elsa. (*゚O゚*)
-Wow, you never truly know a person without knowing their circumstances.
-The Faerie Prophecy really sucks!

Year 7:
-Wow, I didn’t expect Pitch to be way younger than Jack and Elsa. I like that!
-Elsa is so smart. (**)
-That was a great end!

Thank you for the fan fiction, sis!

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