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2/20 c24 acowles02
Are you yellong me you diddnt make harry and daphne go to the ball? Wow.
2/20 c20 acowles02
That….. that is the dumbest thing ive ever read. Author idk why you thoight making harry use his literal FIRST NAME as an “alias” for his assassin business, but thats dumb as shit.
2/20 c19 acowles02
Dont like harry being annoying to bones. Shes the good one.
2/20 c9 acowles02
The…. The snake wouldnt make the hat sort harry into slytherin. You rhink the hat gives one shit about a pet someone has?
2/20 c9 acowles02
Did malfoy ever call anyone a peasant? Because i cant remember. Though o guess with the wizarding world being in the middle ages, calling the common class peasantry kinda makes sense?
2/20 c6 acowles02
Why did harry just spend the equivilamt of 14 grand on books
2/20 c2 acowles02
Unless theres like some magical mind wipe stuff going on, i dont thinl theyd forget harry exists. Like aeriously? How can it not be magical interference if you forget why you have two beds in a bedroom, with two different kids in em?
1/25 c27 jessessanto
Quanta baboseira...
1/24 c4 Trainion
1/17 c46 just a reader
oh my please ignore my other response it was for another fic. For this one I wish we got info on why lilly and Jamws neglected him? It seemed plot-devicy and could have been expanded.
1/17 c1 Just a Reader
I haven't read it past the first few sentences so I'm not the best reviewer on here and well that's not my purpose on here. I am sure I'll read this someday, the premise is exciting but what set me off is the Iran-Muhammad plot. I grew up in a Muslim family and so that kind of rhetoric hits home. Now, you are free to write what you want and since you didn't write "death to all Muslims", I don't consider it hate of any sort but just a suggestion for the future. Thanks!
1/1 c1 Trainion
So knock off Ash
12/23/2023 c25 Apollodorus13
As much as i like Natasha and Harry, i cant get the image of Harry seeing Hela killing and fighting for the first time with the “I just died in your arms tonight” song playing out of my hear. Fingers crossed thats the pairing honestly
12/1/2023 c15 SkyNeves
"I'm a badass" but I'm weak to women. - Harry Wolfe
9/3/2023 c6 l30rusty
You can breathe up until 10000 ft
except from that great story so far
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