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11/11/2015 c10 13Chaytons Angel
Aww, this was such a cute ending! I'll have to 'borrow' Tommy at some point when it gets closer to SeoHyun and Kara going off to college, since Kara will follow SeoHyun to Frisco, I'm thinking she'll go into small business management, maybe she can be SeoHyun's business manager so SeoHyun can focus on her passion for baking lol.
11/10/2015 c9 Chaytons Angel
I admit I squealed over the bit with the Haliwell sisters, but then I'm a BIG fan of Charmed. This was a cute chapter and I can't wait to see what else you have planned for them!
10/26/2015 c8 Chaytons Angel
Awww this chapter made me tear up. I am confused though, I thought Trent joined Tommy's pack because he wanted, needed, to be closer to Kira. Will he make an appearance later on since he was left out of this chapter?
10/24/2015 c8 Okami-Ranger
Jason as Tommy's second was a good idea those two work well together, is trent going to join Tommy's pack?
9/17/2015 c7 Okami-Ranger
Yes Trent's going to join Tommy's pack!
9/17/2015 c7 Chaytons Angel
I reeaalllly hope you kill Leah off soon. LOL
this is getting really good, I like the way its flowing and of course Kira is going to want him, silly wolf.
9/13/2015 c6 Okami-Ranger
Hope Trent joins Tommy's pack
9/13/2015 c6 Chaytons Angel
Dayum, I like the way this is going. Tommy is getting ready to get his own pack, will Trent be joining them once the pack is settled? You're plowing through this fic, getting chapters up. I like, I like. LOL
9/11/2015 c5 Chaytons Angel
Oh boy, poor Trent but go Tommy, getting all alpha-ish on him! LOL I liked this chapter and I love the intertwining of things.
9/9/2015 c4 Chaytons Angel
Oh I LOVE that you're intertwining things with Purest Love and the pregnancy. Speaking of, I keep checking for the alternate ending and haven't seen it yet .

I wonder who is coming in the cafe on them and why they gasped. You have me anxious for the next chapter!
9/9/2015 c4 Okami-Ranger
Tommy aren't you forgetting to tell the other rangers your alive?
9/6/2015 c3 Chaytons Angel
Awww! I admit it, I teared up and choked up a little with this chapter too. Damn girl, you are good at pulling at the emotions! Aww, Tommy has already chosen his mate and doesn't even realize it yet. That is so cute!
9/4/2015 c2 Okami-Ranger
Oh Tommy you have two packs, the power rangers and the werewolves.
9/4/2015 c2 Chaytons Angel
Oh, wow, this chapter made me tear up at the end because I can already guess who the 'two women' are. I like that you didn't drag things out over his first year, and I can only imagine how his visitors are going to react to seeing him and finding out everything. Ouch.

I snickered and went 'Yes, yes it does' when I read the line "being the fourth most dominant wolf in North America had it's perks." LOL

Are you intending to eventually make Tommy an alpha of his own pack? That could be interesting, especially if you took this in an angle where one of the kids he'd mentored ended up changed and part of his pack too. Yes my brain goes to those kinds of angles sometimes.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
9/3/2015 c1 Okami-Ranger
Looks like tommy might need billy's help he was the blue wolf nijna ranger
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