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for A Fateful Encounter: Grindelwald and The Book Thief

11/28/2015 c1 42Jemennuie
I love the Book Thief, and this was a great crossover. You did a really good job with the set-up and with writing Death. (Your writing style in general was also great.) I was kinda hoping there would end up being direct interaction between Liesel and Grindelwald, but it makes sense/works that there isn't.

As minor concrit, I don't remember how they used the word Waschen in the book, but if you're using it as a noun, all nouns are capitalized in German. The plural of Waschen also isn't Waschens (German uses irregular pluralizations), although given there are comparatively few German speakers who will be reading this, I can see how it might read easier to English speakers to pluralize the noun the same way it would be if it was English.
9/21/2015 c1 30Anna Fay
You have captured the style of The Book Thief perfectly! It was also a very clever cross-over, and Gridelwald's plan fitted the era wonderfully.

Just to nitpick a bit: why did she talk about Max to a perfect stranger? It sounds a bit off, giving up his secret like that, even if Grindelwald was out.

And also: what did you mean by the last paragraph? My guess is that she put the letter into her book, and that's how it survived the bombing. (Sorry if it's something I should have known, it's been a year since I read the book.)

But apart from those, I just loved your story, you captured Liesel and Rudy perfectly, even if Grindelwald didn't get as big a role as I would have suspected. Well done! :)
9/4/2015 c1 OnyxFeather
You changed up the format of the story telling which I found really intriguing. I like this first-person monologue style that you have going on. It feels like the narrator is speaking directly to the reader, which is a great idea.

I thought there was a bit too much, "I'm telling you the story", "I'm telling you the story", "This is the story of the dark wizard". So I felt it was quite repetitive in the beginning.

You had sparks of a personality from the narrator, which is really important in fics like this to really hold the reader's attention - especially, if your narrator isn't the character of the story. So great work with that!

The formatting of the bold bits in-between, stylistically, I didn't really get. The broken up sentences disrupted the flow for me, because my reading of the sentences felt really jagged and stop-start because of the way you split some of them. Was there a reason why you did it in this way?

It certainly became more engrossing as we got to the action in this story and met Rudy and Leisel. It really helped up the pacing. I loved the back-and-forth that you achieved between these two; it was an aspect that I enjoyed most.

As always, very well-written. Great work!
9/4/2015 c1 58halffictionalprincess
I've never read The Book Thief, I've heard a lot about it though, I will read it soon!
I really liked the way you formatted this story, it was extremely charming and intriguing with the bold passages in the middle.
I loved the idea of two kids nursing Grindlewald back to health, and they kinda remind me of Ron and Hermione!
I wonder who's telling this story, I wonder if it's death!
Well done!

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