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9/30 c27 131rebecca-in-blue
I really enjoyed reading this story, especially this chapter where we get to see what happened between that priceless "MINE!" line and the shotgun weddings. I know you don't feel great about this story now, but I think you did a wonderful job throughout at narrating things from Liza's perspective and expanding on her and Ephraim's relationship. Delightful to read!
9/28 c25 rebecca-in-blue
I love how you're expanding on all these little missing moments from the movie, especially here during the ending sequence. Good on the other brothers for standing up to Adam.
9/28 c24 rebecca-in-blue
Love seeing the girls get the news that the pass is open and make their decision to run away. Looking forward to the next few chapters, too - the end of the movie was such a hoot!
9/21 c23 rebecca-in-blue
Adam's hard-headedness really did him no favors in this movie. This is another moment that I really like seeing the followup for, because it makes sense that his brothers would've felt very angry and betrayed that he wouldn't come back.
9/21 c22 rebecca-in-blue
What a sweet chapter. It was great to see the afterglow of the baby being born (although Milly sure didn't seem to be in labor too long, haha). I also really like that you have Ephraim and Liza realistically talk about the future and what will happen when the pass opens. I've been trying to decide whether to have the couples talk about that in my story, or to just have them live in denial and try to forget about it.
9/14 c21 rebecca-in-blue
Spring is in the air! I really love how the capture the burst of spring feeling in this chapter - the flowers, sunshine, singing and dancing, exploring the farm, etc. It matches the movie so well, and it's just how I feel every year after winter is finally over.
9/14 c20 rebecca-in-blue
This chapter is so sweet and cute. I like that after the forward move of kissing him, Liza now feels more shy and uncertain again. It makes sense that her feelings about Ephraim would be mixed for a while. Getting so excited to see that baby be born!
9/8 c19 rebecca-in-blue
Haha, what a funny moment! The two of them finally have their first kiss, and Daniel comes along and ruins it! But I imagine there must have been quite a few interruptions like this happening around the Pontipee farm by now, especially since we're already March and Milly is getting bigger.
9/8 c18 rebecca-in-blue
It's great to see the girls actually talking about forgiveness and how they're each going to move forward from the kidnapping. I think this should lead to less squabbling between them, too.
8/31 c17 rebecca-in-blue
It was great to get a chapter from Ephraim's perspective for a change, and I think you capture his quiet, solemn nature well. Having Liza get sick is a good plot device to fill the time of that winter.
8/31 c16 rebecca-in-blue
I loved this chapter. It was great to see Liza and Ephraim finally coming face to face and talking to each other again, and what a cliffhanger ending! Maybe Liza's feelings will have changed by the time she wakes up.
8/24 c15 rebecca-in-blue
I really enjoyed this chapter. It's great to see the girls making a move like inviting the boys inside, and I also love that it has a group scene of all 12 of them, rather than just focusing on one couple.
8/24 c14 rebecca-in-blue
Haha, the "catfight" scene was always one of my favorite bits in the movie, so I really enjoyed this chapter. Some of the girls behaved better than others, but really, they all had their claws out - and given the situation, I don't blame them!
8/17 c13 rebecca-in-blue
You make such smart use of this scene here. I never really thought about it, but I like how you use the fact that Ephraim never tried to come in and didn't even come to the door. It's realistic that if Liza thinks that he's given up on her, then she would be willing to give a little. Once again, so curious to see what happens next!
8/17 c12 rebecca-in-blue
I like the way you're showing here that the girls forgave the boys at different rates. That must've caused some friction between them. I'm curious to see how long Liza is going to hold onto her anger in this story.
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