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9/3/2015 c1 Fangirl7636
Wonderful! And how did Kanan touch the good shoulder? My friend almost kills me when she is injured I always accidentally touch her injury.
9/3/2015 c1 3OC-Creator-Forever
Wow! Great Job!
9/3/2015 c1 ToMuchImagination
Aww I loved that story! :D
9/3/2015 c1 Guest
Great one-shot! Love it!
9/3/2015 c1 Midnight Luna
I LOVED IT! Plus I love it when Ezra's injured!
9/3/2015 c1 8Specter14
Great one-shot! You're right, there aren't many amazing fanfics in this fandom yet. Hopefully as time goes on more will be written.
9/3/2015 c1 10nuyen236
Wow,it was really good
This story was really enjoyable and moving,because it migjt not have been fun for Ezra now that I'm thinking about it
9/3/2015 c1 4Space Opera Singer
Welcome to the fandom. And that was good. I liked your characterization of Ezra especially, and Kanan was spot on. Hope to see more from you.
9/3/2015 c1 9Azilia James
How's that for a first time? Uh,try Amazifying! That was a really good fanfoction story! I really did enjoy it, and really liked how it took place in early season 1! Great job! I loved it!
9/3/2015 c1 Shadowbridger
That was great :-) :-D
9/3/2015 c1 Guest
I loved the story!
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