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for Friendly Neighborhood Nine-Tails

5/16/2020 c7 11HyperA2019
I am looking foward to Chapter 8.
5/16/2020 c7 xbox432
Heh, there Ino goes, asking the "important" questions. I'm sure Naruto appreciates her consideration.
5/16/2020 c7 R reyes
dude nice to see you back in action man i thought another good fic ended and lost another good story also take care man and make sure yor mom goes to get tested on the virus man don't leave things to chance. or you cud regretted man. and considering that the country is opening back thanks to our retarded man child asshole of lies and have is he even rich of a president Donald small dick trump. anyway sorry about the rant but with an idiot like him is a miracle we are alive hell even for him not wearing a mask i let the idiot die for all i care. anyway dude take care after you niece's man that inflammatory illness thats going is getting bad now than kids are also getting infected by the virus too this damn monster it just won't stop at all
5/16/2020 c7 Lord Mortensen
GREAT! please update it soon!
5/16/2020 c7 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
yay for ino taking to find someone for naruto :D
5/16/2020 c7 carneyjarred
um will naruto be paired with matatabi the nibi or two-tailed hell cat?
5/16/2020 c7 1bob19h
inos idea/joke should be a running thing because i highly doubt naruto will let that be forgotten. even if you never give naruto a same sized companion it would be funny to have come up in later chapters. also for narutos size problem. compressing his chakra could work or using a modified clone jutsu that sends the mind out of the body and lets the user puppet the clone.
5/16/2020 c7 mermizle
Man he should totally create his own summoning scroll. It’d let him go into battle and might even make him immune to resealing
5/16/2020 c7 vadrulesall
Wow good chapter
5/16/2020 c7 UnsanMusho
I wonder if it will ever be possible for Naruto to preform jutsus again? Even if he did make himself into a human shape it would just be an illusion right? UNLESS he finds a way to change his form.
5/16/2020 c7 ArashiNokitsune
Thumbs up to this chapter from somber to comedy, I’m wondering will naruto have to be sealed in to a Jinchuuriki at some point?
5/16/2020 c7 8The Keeper of Worlds
I am beyond damn loving this and it cheers me up each time to get a new chapter! Easily one of my favs for this series so far. Hope things clear up for you at home.
5/5/2020 c8 0 Realities
You deserve more from life. I hope everything gets better for you.
5/3/2020 c7 Guest
Don’t be too down on yourself. This story alone has shown you can walk with enough strength to do more than by. The passing of someone close is hard, but know that your grandma probably wouldn’t want you depressed. Just think about what her reply would be towards your depression of her passing. That sort of has helped me in the past.
5/3/2020 c1 Guest
Amazing story. Do continue your potential for the future of fanfiction to stop being so cancerous weighs now on your shoulders.
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