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for Friendly Neighborhood Nine-Tails

2/2 c4 Rosco Peeko Trane
There's the characterization. Loving Kakashi especially.
2/2 c1 Rosco Peeko Trane
Cool idea.

Why the hell did you write Kabuto like an ignorant and terrified child? You don't get to his position as Orochimaru's right hand man without being able to think enough to not need to be spoon fed every bit of information. Or being a stuttering mess of 'Gorsh! Ah just dun get it! P-plez dun hurt me master!' If this were his character then why would Orochimaru even bother having someone so useless and pathetic around? I hope your characterization has improved over the last 6 years.
1/21 c8 azzyofhyperdeath
I wonder when the next come :(
12/26/2020 c8 IGT
really great story, very funny
without transformation Naruto's partner can only be Matatabi? (Yugito had full mode bij┼ź, I think?)
and shame Tayuya has no screen time
12/26/2020 c1 iacopo.passerini
Accidenti Naruto che si trasfoma e diventa la volpe e adesso ha un potere straordinario anche se adesso ci saranno problemi!
12/23/2020 c8 1Pitch'snieceanddaughterofMew
This is still absolutely Hilarious
12/22/2020 c8 luvan1mefang1rl
hahahah i totally enjoyed ur story its my top #1 fav story now n laugh every time i read ur chapts/ looking 4ward 2 next chapt n i hope u r doing well
12/9/2020 c8 vrani140
continue, please
12/2/2020 c1 Dax
I can't wait for another chapter because this is a really great story
12/2/2020 c8 6MasterRevan
Really enjoy this story. it's in my top ten humor fics and I wait eagerly for another chapter.
11/24/2020 c8 2Analyn Rockwand
This is fucking great. Been a long time since I laughed this hard.
11/17/2020 c8 3Greatazuredragon
This is always amusing. And Naruto answering people who are far away is fun. XD
11/16/2020 c8 Haruau8349
The part of him becoming the envy of every woman in the village with the cleaning fur truck was hilarious! :D XD
11/9/2020 c8 3NightW0lfGaming
this is hilarious, please continued as soon as you can. best fusion fic I've seen so far.
11/9/2020 c8 Nobody Foot Soldier
Wait till fuzzy 9.2 realizes he can hear all the naughty noises and is unable to filter it.
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