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for Friendly Neighborhood Nine-Tails

12/30/2019 c6 mattcun
i cant wait to see the next chapter
12/30/2019 c6 23kyekye
I had forgotten this story because it had been so long, but I understand how life likes to screw with you. I did have to reread the story to understand what was going on again, and I must say I still enjoyed it I hope to read more from you soon
12/29/2019 c6 Ezok
I wonder how long it will take for Naruto to try to use handseals yo do jutsu and to try his Oiroke no Jutsu.
Bit of a digression, every time I read Megaton Fox I can't help but read it as Megan fox and imagine Naruto Henge'ing into her on his first try to get a human form.
12/29/2019 c6 3Crimson Grave
...can I hope that Sakura somehow manages to use the other half of the Kyuubi to become a Pink furred and Emerald eyed Bijuu herself?
This last chapter was far too beautiful not to try for such an event.

12/28/2019 c6 Anaelyssa
Aww. Hinata is cute.
12/28/2019 c5 Anaelyssa
Backstabbing is not fun.
12/27/2019 c3 Anaelyssa
Cute image of a curled-up fox on the mountain.

Shukaku's reaction to the death of his sibling was touching.
12/27/2019 c2 Anaelyssa
Quite fun in places.
12/27/2019 c1 Anaelyssa
Good start.

Sasuke, are you sure the Mangekyō acts as an automatic death detector?
12/26/2019 c6 18JakOvsumTrade
This story is pretty silly but also rather enjoyable.
12/25/2019 c6 karlaostojic7
Didn’t know if this was ever going to be continued but I stumbled upon it on accident when I looked at the stories that I follow and realized that you updated. I was like, there’s no way it’s true but I checked and it was and now I’m happy to see it alive again! That tenth tail joke got me good XD
12/25/2019 c6 Guest
12/23/2019 c6 KageNo
love it pls more. This is super funny
12/22/2019 c6 Pater Richard
Yes! New chapter! Thank you for this update.
12/19/2019 c6 29TheDeadGirlRisen
Wonderful update! Can't wait to see more, 'Tenth tail' indeed, and poor Sakura, a good chunk of the village probably heard that comment, even if Naruto was trying to be quiet. XD
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