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for The 100 as Once Upon A Time

4/15/2016 c1 Guest
Will u be posting all of season 1? Because I want to read the Bellarke as Captain Swan sooner...

Could u maybe just post the pilot and then a chapter with summarizing who does what then jumping into season 2 with the introduction of hook/Clarke?

Also will Clarke have a hook?
9/6/2015 c1 3csilivili12
This will be soo good! Can't wait. :)
9/5/2015 c1 Kiana3Caballos
Echo could be Walsh
Wells -Milah or smee
Finn -August or smee
Wick -Dr Whale
Anya -Liam
Lincoln - Rumple
Atom - Will Scarlet
Monroe- Graham
Roma- Zelena
Indra- Maleficent

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