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5/15/2017 c4 Debbie Hicks
Bella's piov
that attacked as all of both planetary best friends wearing no shoes or socks onely both from movie clothes EXECUTED By Felix then Changed All Alien/Terran Carnivorous Rattlesnake venom spurtting outr blacked out faked deaths then screamed Kidnapped by them did wild galactic studies ended up Dried out from blood then suddenly it was too late to stop it then Sacs destroyed and then it came too late my own heartdecomissioned was Still then it really happened stred to my own fitred out systems then breaking then it happened became a Merpire Half-Mermaid and Half-Vampire slaying sailor guardian surrendering forced to be a Phoenix Senior Elite Guaed trapped within with them bound in a hive mind screaming them had a Increased Strength and enhanc ed senses then aShaved hairs from here ended up sick into the home were deceased rose Again at night had Terrifying powers who turned as all of Humans and Vulcan drained of blood then news of our faked deaths suddenly asll of us/them then blacked outside shattering then was still the same was Ancient but very old but Lethal beautfiul strong but very powerful but dangerous was withoutmemories of my last life suddenly too late blazing freely the each cause of deaths this one kills both in her rage assnd grief and sorrow fury we sentenced you to death with them Felix then I Screamed Then torn me apart with a Bitten child torn then Snapped with a lot of broken bones bled to death with them then shattering ALICE! bella's hurt! i cam't stop ther bleeding then blowen away then it happened MURDERED! Then Carlisle reported she is dying i must do it then Bit me harder too hardest to save me life like Rosalise then with them CRSHED With as all of them with myself with them chaned then blown apart then it was was too late was different BLASTING Freely with as all of them shattering then it happened blew apart then remade but was still a Hybrid shattering with them blown freely brought here to the palace dead of blood loss then suddenly Woken up but the each planet with the third then screaming of the Venom three were one turned me into something else a Siren-Vampire slaying sailor guardian had died then the greeatest alien evolution took shape and form rebuilding me then suddenly went too far gone shattering fusion Morning risen then suddenly Eyes snapped wide open officially it melted then caused my skin to glow once more then suddenly gasping life then myself looked much striking but more beautfiul but very sexy but used my Three voical cords then sang most gloriously like lured Pack to me oh my god what you done to her turned her she died but is doomed by Neptune as a Siren-Vampire slaying sailor guardian Bella what are you doing i need you Edward NOW! Gone into Pon'Farr the Vulcan time of mating was really horny but lusty gone in the phase then BLACKED OUTSIDE The no longer here they saved from us as all of them created eggs and with them forged the next generation then followed from here shattering then reported they been turnerd illegally what by them are dead rip out the guards for us then it happened no longer alive then were more than as all of them exploding young and youth shattering then it happened blown as Volturi members exploding with as all of kills with her then it happened reborn as Lost Souls shattering their young/youth punished by myself was his servant handmaid and priestess and princess they were furious of a Mermaid-Vampire slayer hybrid then blacked out chained ripped frely with them bring them they are guilty without katras then then they killed them more of them shattering from here it happened nuked were as all of all of them came too late murdered as all of them suddenly too late more than Volturi members as all of them she is not human nor us is a Immortal Merpire dresses from Ocean Girl primal with Pointed ears and Upswept but elegantly eyebrows is not living remains youthful but Ancient but really old as time begun she is a Mermaid has Traits of a Vampire hunter is not allowed to be with the living has died again from the change is reborn is Vegetarian what bring them here then too late myself was so thin from Vegetarian food still not human Sang to Neptune in a gloriously powerful commanding tone of voice a light formed my weapon a trident with pointed ears and slanted eyebrows Cold pitch Black eyes looked like Kesh from Spock's World from Vulcan's Prehistory Momma mia it was a watery sling in disguise I Suddenly felt it began Whirling very far too fastest chanting by singing to him very accented Vulcan to the crew O' Khrosarr God od of mighty war heed your priestess your handmaiden your Amazon prays ye for a good fight bless me i may Thrive thee on your land watch this for your sizes Placed my two fingers suddenly a radiant light came out then felt it from sea animals spoken to me was a beastmater mermaid was a princess and priestess Sir! don't touch her she is sacred but religious but spiriritual but very holiest woman can travel via dreams brring life and death is Neptune's priestess WHAT?! You three rapier ulp we died but resurrected is immortal what aboyut families they will perish every day I Kill 1000'000 people but they will be reborn she's a goddess of sea life and sea death and poison sounds like Iznami from Japanese myths no way she is death wearing weeeds with this looks from my novel you have the Eye of Surak our leader lives within you with us/all of us we stand apart from them then the bodies from here as all of them vanished freely then it came too late killed now immortal forever young my cosplay tharapy resumed the Vulcan first officer was both tall and muscular gotten hit by T'Pran Ouch! he grumbled was grumbling in anger darting his Brown eyes coldly with fury of ice they were afraid of him then too late the families died now reborn shatterring with us forced supernatural to rule the planet crap he was drunk on Beer was with his mate with his brother in law and sister in law had kids waaah hold her turned two Darla aged to be seven years old then it happen poped freely no longer humans at all ruling a Earth man what a big mouth jeeze trust funds guys then newest they never age at all so us/them shattering but never died out then were on Vulcan Vampires took over with help all switched sides brought three here then no more of it shattering but with us/all now they left young here found Volturi mated with them.
9/14/2016 c3 diamondeyes323
I really like this story so far! Can't wait to red more!
9/14/2016 c3 Guest
Yeah, gotta say I'd definitely feel betrayed if my mom took me to a Witch Doctor and didn't tell me what was going on! I'd probably run away or something.
9/14/2016 c3 Guest
Just stumbled across this story, I'm quite enjoying it so far. It would be nice if the chapters were longer, they're quite short so far. Constructive criticism - maybe add some more opinions, especially Bella's? Anyway, update soon please :)
9/14/2016 c3 Will the Werewolf
nice update
10/22/2015 c1 iwolves
Moooorrreeeee plz!
10/21/2015 c2 Debbie Hicks
That it happened while Walking oN TWO WOBBLING LEGS OF MINE A lOT OF AS ALL OF ALL sTATES WITH BOTH aTTACKED mE WERE gAZILLIONS ORE AS aLLL OF THEM WRE fEEDING BUT ONE pLupped a Infant host right into my own mouth le a Ceit V Eel from my Father's StarTrek Movie known as Star Trek The Wrath of Khan i I Had a very more extremely all powerful but the strongest Photographic memory of a Cardassian but it Transferred as all of btri-both Screamed but it happened Came too late me own screams was Heard but it happened from NASA But Screamed as all of the much many more then Shattered a Corpse Using my newfound Powers that it happened SPLUTTERED AS ALL OF THE gREENISH BLLOD FROM MY FRAIL sTOMACH THEN blazing Away to Nothingness was left a Coven took me to Volterra, Italy to Die Instend of Death Ws Bitten Shortly Still have that More Sharper but Strongest but Cardassian Memoriy but it Happened With the Other Kidnapees Were What Species oh god My Throat burns Who Am I Can't REMEMBER! Help! I Via Gift Exploded a Biggest Explosion of my Mental Shield Was Immortal That I Was a Merpire Vampire/Mermaid hybrid so my best friends I Was Dressed to look like Dejah Thoris was i was a Princess They taught me Galactic Languages and fighting and I was their Atomic Genetic bioengineered Weapon but Genetic bioaltered but it happened Blasted myself with the each both Were Hosts I Was Far more Extremely Ancient the SEcondary lid Clamped but shattered protected my cloudiest but Shut down became milkiest to guard my eyes from Dust mold and dirt my skin was Extremely coldest far way too cold to create a Heat system using Logic to kep me from getting sick having a lot of illneses and disease the greatest change my body grown five inches taller a little had Pure Jurai Red eyes Aged by my own host matured to Adulthood it had a Name Bellona De Remus told me my Newborn year just died Ascended to true Merpire was Far much oldest than the Wives i Did my own ritual but Dawn Read Spier Crowned me by pouring Blood from a Cupholder I Spoke via from the Host I' Queen Bellona De Remus Declare Thine Myself as the Rightful Leader and Govern my new Species Declare myself as The Rightful Reldai of the Vampire and Werewolf Mermaid wolds will be under my own Royal Starfleet orders I Declare ye Decree this new law is under my Commands of the Holy Vampire Church so help me god that the Italians screamed loudly HAIL QUEEN BELLONA DE REMUS EMPRESS OF THE KNOWN UNIVERSE! my Privately Ceremony Who crowned her I Did meet Queen Bellona De Remus holy Empress of the three worlds that i was Taught to be Formal but poised and elegant and extremely gracefull by the both ages sped up had become a Queen a real one but Passionate ruling Princess and Religious female leader was dressed from Return to OZ Had My own bodyguards and protectors my Sailor Guardians to fight and to train more harder but Sent my Vegetaian self but was saved with them but killed with them but rresurrected my Carnivorous self finally ended Didyme forever Married Marcus iBut Seduced him but seduced both kings then With Male Volturi Guaerds with help of he Powers to create heirs more of them but to Men as all of the each both suddenly gone too far off that bitten them all drained their blood were all Marked but it happened with Women bitten as well were with Children as all of them suddenly she was was with heirs to the throne was with more than all of her deadliest children for ten months but a Ancient thing toppled but cracked out a deadliest cursed her who was a monstrous creature but herself was a Dark Merpire was very hungry was a youma Queen possessed by evil forces into her children were growing too fastest and speeding up that the Volturi heard this about a Darkest Merpire Queen was More evil than before a Darkest Merpire Became a Youma Suddenly Birthed them as very extremely too much many more as all of them violent wre full grown all of the Heirswre not theirs wre not humans nor Vampires or Mermaids they were her Children herself was a Breeder could breed Again that they contacted us/them about her kids were hybrids like their Mother who had pointed ears far longer but powerful Flaming red hair and herself had a newest name from Sailor Moon was Beryl Queen of the Volturi was Queen Beryl of the Negaverse reincarnated was a Dark One but ourselves had IVF Via From Eggs from each both like Martian women then it was too late her kids but it happened the Italians exploded but time-shattered with the Volturi but reappeared about them taking control of Earth myself decided to go from the Anime What this it is called a Wig i was Queen Serenity for a Fan film based on the manga first Alice did wonders but i was far more Beautfiul but older than the Universe then did Reneesme's own hair cutted to create Bangs was Princess Serenity had amazing eyes of brown-Blue her cover up birth she was born from the Silver Imperial crystal I Was a Higher ranked Ruler looked like from the Anime with a dash of Manga she was Deeply but madly in love with a Prince his name was Endymion was played by her imprinter Jacob Black the young Vulcan woman I began to use my true telepathic ablities like Lwaxana Troi was Fully activated Telepathic like a Betazoid woman but herself was a Empath like Deanna Troi but had more telepathic powers was full grown but mature but it happened her telepathy emerged at teenagehood Sir! Her mother full Betazoid so her Telepathic daughter is half-Human and Half-Betazoid from the planet Betazed but they evolved their species WHAT?! he was very tall but Muscular then four spits ouch our noses busted watch it buddy Excuse me oh man We are so Dead of that man three times of our strength towering over us and ouch Sonvok Here a loaning hand that First but Official Contact was made three worlds fused in peace but a Alliance Garrett dressed from the movie Was extremely Drunk onto three Was Very Tipsy but Drunk like a Skunk The Vulcan ensign felt strong from three passed out in his Robes with low heeled boots oh my head what happened you fainted Oh no You Jerk Pack Trouble Who passed out who are these Aliens the Vulcans made Contact with us humans what year is this April 5th 2063.
10/21/2015 c2 8fantasylover4evr
Oh my gosh. No offense but it seems like Bella is a bit of an air head, but the plot is still good.
9/8/2015 c1 9LucifersDemonAngel
very interesting storyline. can't wait to read how Bella will handle her being a mermaid and how it will affect her relationship with vampires and werewolves and how the story will enfold. update soon.
Nice start keep going

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