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for Kuroko no REACT

11/6 c4 Amber
Omg please continue- i cant wait for the part where they react to THAT part of the episode
4/20 c4 Haichirou
Pls continuee i also love aomine being jealosu, i hope i see a jelly kagami too hehe
4/3 c4 bluebell157
Please update! This story is amusing and a good one!
10/7/2020 c4 rubis
peaseeeee continue I LOVE THIS FANFIC
8/25/2020 c1 angelgea4
please continue thissss! I love it ><
8/11/2020 c4 1Amelia Lycanthrope
Hello !
J'adore ton histoire !
Tu vas faire une suite ?
Si oui, quand ?
6/14/2020 c4 Ookami x Kitsune
I would really enjoy it if you continued. I especially enjoy the AllxKuroko, particularly the AoKuro and KagaKuro. It's been a real treat, and my heart hurts for poor Daiki! Takao is absolutely hilarious as always, and you even included my two favorite bad boys: Haizaki & Hanamiya! There's a lot of potential here and your ideas for commentary have been great. However.. your lack of motivation can really be felt in the writing and how little content there is as it goes on. Maybe take a step back and outline what you want to emphasize for Kuroko and friends to react to in each episode.
5/26/2020 c4 Guest
I loved this fic so much, thank you for making it. I literally couldn't stop myself from laughing the whole time, and sometimes I was laughing so hard that I didn't know whether to like it or not! Ah... I love it,
from your dear avid reader.
4/8/2020 c4 4badgirldevil1994
Please add more chapters, I think this story is amazing.
8/28/2019 c4 Shirley
Please continue this! It’s so funny and I love to see the mini-dramas between the characters u
8/17/2019 c4 Guest
Love it! I hope you continue it!
7/10/2019 c4 Tenma13
Please continue this story is really funny and I love the cult joke.
7/2/2019 c4 1Iku Mitsu
please continue it's the best part, plus I like your writing and the reaction of the characters are just priceless!
6/20/2019 c4 Bikutoria Coco13
Oh my gosh i loved it could not stop giggling
6/18/2019 c4 rubyamerilys
Please continue this story. I really like it. It almost make me laugh so hard and my parent think im crazy hehehe,,,,
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