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2/11/2021 c1 drewkart09
nice one
5/8/2017 c25 No-One-Important
Sorry. Just...having a moment.
Seriously, though. This story is amazing! You are such a talented writer and I cried more than a few times.
So awesome!
1/5/2017 c25 1Birds Love Words
This was the perfect ending to an excellent tale. It was bittersweet, honest, and hopeful all at the same time.

I'm so happy that you've finished this work. I've enjoyed coming back to it; it feels like visiting an old friend again. During the last year I've been overwhelmed with school, personal relationships, and work; I've become disillusioned with business school and felt like my future will inevitably be drudging myself to a job I hate every day. My bouts of pessimism meant that I didn't find much joy in escapism - movies seemed unoriginal, uninspired, and drab, books have been left half-finished on my bookshelf or buried in the depths of data on my Kindle, and I didn't have the wherewithal to follow a T.V. show across several episodes/weeks/seasons. This is why I always come back to fanfiction. I can read a part when I have time, set it down, leave it for a few months, and then come back to it when I find the gumption to get into it again. There's no investment of time or money, and the best fanfics have excellent quality writing. There's no expectation of making money, so authors have more freedom to do as they wish with characters that they love. There's also no expectation of a sequel (though I am excited to read yours), so there's no need to keep grinding out work with ever-more ridiculous plots (looking at you, Marvel). This is why I wanted to come back to your story. The fact that you built new characters, redesigned old ones, and dedicated yourself to keeping some of the old ones just the same shows how much effort you put into this work.

I like how you brought back the symbolism of the snowdrop twice in the epilogue. It ties everything together very nicely. It is also suitable that Georgia should have a knack for growing and nurturing life - after all, she revived Gabriel and helped him heal his soul.

Georgia's letter was very contemplative and well-written. You did a great job with it. It is a masterfully subtle way to show how Georgia and Gabriel are moving on with their lives without getting bogged down in commentary. It also showed how both Gabriel and Victor's actions have impacted the lives of those around them. I also have to admire how you acknowledged Gabriel's darker impulses and his crimes without condemning him or absolving him of guilt. So often, fanfiction writers want to absolve him of his crimes by blaming his rage, isolation, and lack of knowledge; you pointed out these circumstances, but did not use them as a crutch to prop up Gabriel's actions. The creature's circumstances are what ultimately make him a sympathetic character in the book; we feel for him through all of his tribulations and we understand his motivations. However, we cannot sympathize with his murder of William and his framing of Justine. We understand why he did it, but we just can't accept it and still call him a benevolent, innocent being. I'm sure I'm not the only person who can't help wondering what the course of his life would have been like if he had made better choices. Thus, fanfiction!

I've really enjoyed this story. I've grown to love the characters and I've been happily surprised by original twists in the plot. Gabriel Rossignol's name, his growth in Venice, and Lady Adler's antagonism were all refreshing surprises. I've also seen how your writing has grown tremendously over the course of this work. Compare your first few chapters with the epilogue and I'm sure you'll see it yourself! I'm sad to see this story go, but I am glad that the characters got the happy ending they deserve. Thank you for a wonderful journey.
1/5/2017 c24 Birds Love Words
Yay! Steamy love scenes are always good. :D I'm so glad that Georgia and Gabriel get their happily ever after. Their wedding was sweet and touching. I thought it was funny that Georgia's favorite flower was not a snowdrop, but I like that she didn't tell Gabriel that fact just for sentimentality's sake. You've done a magnificent job with these two, and I'll be sad to see them go. One more chapter!
1/5/2017 c23 Birds Love Words
It's nice to see that Georgia has healed and that the villains got their comeuppance! A bit of revenge always tastes sweet. I did have to laugh at the part where she was disappointed at her inheritance. Just before that, she'd been like, 'Oh Rossignol, I love you so much that I'll be penniless for you!' and then when she finds out the truth, harsh reality kicks in and she's like, 'Uh, wtf is this? I don't want to be moderately poor!' Of course, Rossignol and his scavenging business are there to save the day.

Rossignol's acceptance by others and his own self-acceptance was very well-deserved. He's been striving for it all his life, so it's nice to see that he is capable of self-actualization. The only part I find odd is that he wears his mask all the time in polite company. I know that it's to keep his face hidden, but to me it wouldn't be accepted amongst the nobility. If I saw some random person walking down the street wearing a mask, I'd be frightened of them. I'd think that they were a bank robber or something. In my opinion, Rossignol should be able to show his face. Deformities and horrendous diseases were more commonplace in Rossignol's age; I thought he would just blame it on some strange pox rather than hide his face forever in polite company.

Lastly, I am excited about some steamy parts coming up. Woo woo! It's about time!
1/4/2017 c22 Birds Love Words
Oh man! Just when I think that Georgia is finally getting better again, she goes into drug-induced reactions! I'm still 99.9% certain that she's not going to die. I'm glad that Rossignol had his moment with De Lacey and Eva. It's nice to think that he will have a family. I feel bad that the Frankenstein family as a whole seemed to either reject him or ignore him. However, that is consistent with the types of characters they are in the books.
1/4/2017 c21 Birds Love Words
This chapter covered a lot of ground - literally and figuratively. This was a great segue from the traumatic events that took place in the previous chapter to something resembling peace. I love how the family (as I'm calling the whole group) has to struggle through the storm in order to reach safety. It is very symbolic of their physical and mental states. Starting off outside of the manor, traveling to the inn, and then moving to the prison makes me (as a reader), feel like I'm physically progressing with the characters. I feel the cold, rain, fear, relief, and exhaustion as they do. I'm 99.9% sure that Georgia isn't going to die, but then again I thought everyone would just stand by and watch Lady Adler die, so maybe I should be more cautious with my optimism!

It's nice to finally know Bernardo's motivations. I had him pegged from the start! (If I do say so myself.) I'm still interested to know how Lady Adler convinced so many people to go along with her scheme. I suppose that as a noble, she has automatic power over the commoners. If you combine that with her money, her malice, her motivation, and her manipulations, you get a pretty strong villain who is capable of getting whatever she wants.
1/4/2017 c20 Birds Love Words
Wow! So many action-packed chapters in a row! I really thought Alphonse would get carried away, but I was surprised that it was Elizabeth who killed her in the end! Not that it mattered, she was dying anyway. This chapter was very good. I like how you brought all of the old characters together again, and how you incorporated their relation to Georgia into the plot. It was very subtle and well done. I noticed you've already posted a follow-up story on your page, which makes me very happy!
1/3/2017 c19 Birds Love Words
Woooooooow, so dramatic! What a chapter! I definitely didn't see that one coming! At least I've gotten the answer to some of my burning questions. Dang, Aunt Adler is a b!% &. A murdering, psychopathic, money-grubbing aunt is what every good story needs!

I was a little surprised that Victor Frankenstein popped up out of nowhere, but his motivations were pretty good. Victor is, as always, more than a little deranged, weak, useless, obsessed, and emasculated when compared to the creature. Basically, what I'm saying is that your portrayal of his character was spot-on. ;)

Last, but not least, YAAAAY to Rossignol for coming to the rescue! It's a good thing Georgia didn't have her head chopped off. That would cut the story short. (Get it?) This chapter was very well-written. I only noticed a few small errors. I'll PM you with the ones I noticed as I read through it.
1/3/2017 c18 Birds Love Words
Woooooow, so sadistic! I honestly wasn't expecting a pair of evil villains to appear! Is it weird that I think evil villains are cool? Evil villains are definitely the best part of any story.

On the other hand, I still have no idea what's going on. Why was Georgia called away to England? How did Rossignol know where to find Georgia? Who are Lady Adler and Lord Worthington? Are they an item? Are they into the Victorian version of BDSM? Why is Georgia hanging out in the worst part of England where sadistic nobles roam the streets? What does Lady Adler want with our lovely couple? What happened to Bernardo? Was Bernardo disposed of in a rug? Is Victor actually Victor Frankenstein? What secret is hovering over Georgia's head? Where is Sir John? Why would anyone kidnap Georgia? Why would Georgia go the bathroom/outhouse/chamber pots alone when she knows there are evil villains roaming the streets? How can the villains get away with murdering people when it's an open secret amongst the locals? Why do the baddies' names sound like characters out of a Sherlock Holmes tale? :o I'm just kidding around with some of these questions, obviously. HOWEVER, they are all very burning and important! I must have answers!

...Ummm, really though, it's like this chapter doesn't follow from the last one at all. I re-read Chapter 16, but there were several leaps in logic from there to Chapter 17 to Chapter 18 that result in some plotholes. I still can't figure some things out.

I'm not trying to rip into your work. I appreciate the fact that you're trying to increase the pace of the story and add some conflict with strong, sadistic antagonists. I just needed a bit of a transition and more of an explanation on how they fit into the story.

On another note, Grammarly is an extremely helpful site that I've become very well-acquainted with over the last year. I couldn't suggest a better website! Despite how great Grammarly is, I did catch an error or two in this chapter. I'll PM you with the details.
1/3/2017 c17 Birds Love Words
I'm so sorry I haven't read or reviewed this until now. I know my last review was more than a year ago... and I promised back in April that I would get to it eventually... but there's no better way to start the new year than finishing the stuff I should have done months ago, right? Sorry about that . A combination of transitioning to business school, trying to graduate a full year early, extra classes in summer school, and getting a job left me with no time to read your story. Now that it's Christmas break (and I've just lost my job), I can finally review it. Ah, the perks of being unemployed.

AHHHHHH you mentioned me in your author's notes! I'm so honored! I've never been mentioned in one before, and I'm very touched that you thought to put me in there so that I may live on in immortality! I'm glad you're feeling better, and that the surgery was successful.

Now that I'm back to reading this story, I must admit that I've forgotten some key plot points. I'm not sure what indiscretion the servants are hinting at or why Georgia's life is in danger. I may have to go back and re-read some chapters. Or I may just plow ahead to make up for lost time!
6/5/2016 c23 Suindara

Firstly thanks for your PM, it made my day!
Secondly, thanks for your new chapter, I loved it! Considerations:
1. How good Georgia herself decided confort little Eva calling her her little sister! It is so good that she tood to herself this chore, it will unite the family even more!

2. How distasteful this Lynette! Unfortunately she portraits what so much people would think about Gabriel Rossignol. Even she couldn't be hostile physically her words are so bitter: that the place Gabriel can ocupe in society is in the gutter!

3. I liked it very much that you exposed the inner thoughts of Gabriel about the intricacies of society, thanks to the Lacey family he learnt about integrity!

4. Well, about Georgia's inheritance: for a person who usually had an allowance of 7.000 pousands a year 1.500 pounds a year really is a drastic reduction. It is good that Gabriel has means to living but it is good that you show the reality of life. I hope that although Georgia had stated that she would living in a hut with Gabriel and his family, she doesn't embitter about her seemed empoverishment.

5. Well, onward with the marriage arrangements! (Some joy, please!)

Thanks again!
5/19/2016 c22 Suindara
Dear K, thanks a lot for updating!
Lovely chapter, it is a pity that it is finished!
I was sure that Gabriel would ensure Monsieur Lacey and Eva a good and protected life, after all, they are his family, after all, Victor rejected his creature until the end, that bastard.
Loved Eva's question, after all she suffered it is usual that she would fear for hers and her grandpa futures.
I hope that in the sequel this situation can be resolved in better terms.
It is so good that Gabriel and Georgia are officially engaged.! I hope to see a wedding ceremony, dear!
So beautiful Gabriel's worries about Georgia's reputation, so sweet.
Thanks again!
5/19/2016 c22 Guest
Ahh! :-D
I just love how you write and write these characters.
Loved the chapter and story and can't wait for the sequel.
August can't come soon enough. ;-D
5/7/2016 c21 Suindara
Hi K.M.!

Thanks a lot por updating your fiction dear!
Oh, how many things happens in this chapter!
I am very sorry that Elizabeth shot Ms. Adler, I think she was so stressed that she didn't care that vile woman was already condemned.
Beautiful your statement that Agatha were the Gabriel's mother, in away, indeed she was. So it makes him Eva's in a way brother? Thankfully Monsieur De Lacey renew their relationship. I hope Gabriel can have a a minimum of acknowledge from Victor's part.
And the bad people have been punished!
Well, I hope you can update it soon! After so much sorrows it will be good to read about some happiness!
Thanks again!
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