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4/27/2016 c20 Suindara
Brazillian greetings!
Loved your story, it is by that I discovered the Hallmark version of Frankenstein that so many authors seems to favor.
Well, is it true that your story ends here in chapter 20?
I imagined that you would conclude with Georgia and Gabriel Rossignol meeting and happy end, etc.
And yes, I vote for a sequel.
Thanks for your lovely work!
4/24/2016 c20 TheScarlettAlphabet
OH MY HOLY RAINBOWS. You MUST write a sequel. PLEASE PLEASE write a sequel! I'm absolutely in love with your writing and with Gabriel and Georgia's story. Lady Adler sort of reminds me of Irene Adler from the Sherlock Holmes series though, they're both highly intelligent manipulative women, although I'd like to think that Irene has a nicer personality. Lady Adler is downright vile, how apt that she died from the same murder weapon she used to off her family. Back to my main point: PLEASE WRITE A SEQUEL (:
4/18/2016 c20 PAndagirl53
Oh my god! I love this story and your writing is brilliant.
I definitely vote: sequel
4/6/2016 c14 3eitherangel
Oh that is Felix. I had almost forgotten him and thought first that this was a unknown being Victor have created to use as a tool to kill Rossignol/creature. What happend to him and how did he found about Victor?
4/5/2016 c13 eitherangel
Wow! What a beautiful and well written chapter. You know how to write both detailed and capture your audience. Every moment and scene was perfect and so romantic 3 but I didn’t expect Felix at the end and turn everything into disaster ! What a cliffhanger!
4/5/2016 c12 eitherangel
Im very sorry that I havent checken up your story lately but I have been very just with my internship and other things in my private life so I will try to catch up whats happening between Georgia and her dear poet. From this chapter im very impressed by the details you are describing about Venice, their clothes and of course the info about this Georgia rich, Italien admirer ;) what s sweet letter! have you actually been in Venice and know some bakgrund info of its history and buildings before you started to write the chapter? I have and I totally fell in love with its artitecture and streets. Now to the next chapter!
3/7/2016 c18 hisangel18
I like this a lot so far. And I am saddened to see that there has not been an update since September. I truly hope you get your writing mojo back, if writers block is the case (which it so often is), so that we may know what is going to happen.
12/23/2015 c16 1Birds Love Words
Haha! I nailed this one a couple of chapters back! I just had a feeling that Bernardo was going to cause trouble.

I'm glad to see progress in this story. That was a quick trial and execution! Sorry I didn't review the last chapter, real life just gets in the way sometimes - especially during the holiday season!

On a side note, I saw a few errors in this chapter. I'll PM you the details; laying them out here would be embarrassing on your behalf and rude on mine.
11/22/2015 c14 Birds Love Words
I apologize for not reviewing this earlier; I read it several days ago, but didn't have time to review, as I was studying for midterms and stressing out over a presentation. But now that I have a bit of a gap before finals, I have time to post! This chapter was fairly short, but I think it was necessary for plot development.

Poor Felix and Agatha - and poor Eva! I've read Mary Shelley's book Frankenstein, which is quite different from ALL movie and TV adaptations, even the ones that followed the book fairly closely. I never saw the Hallmark TV show made a few years ago. However, from what I've pieced together, Eva was Felix and Agatha's daughter who was the first person to look on the Creature without fear because she didn't know any better. I always forget about her, because she wasn't in the book, but I think mentioning her here adds the perfect bit of heartbreak to the family's fate.

And of course our lovers are ripped from each other once again! And just after they declared their love for one another *sigh*. They never catch a break, do they?

Waiting for the next chapter,

Birds Love Words
11/7/2015 c13 Birds Love Words
Da da daaaaa! What a dramatic cliffhanger! Seems Victor is back up to his old tricks - although his skills seem to have deteriorated a bit since the first go-around. ;p

In other news *spoiler alert* YAAAAAAAAASSSS! They're finally back together again! And he revealed his face to her! And she accepted him (as we all knew she would)! Yay! I'm glad her first reaction was a little negative - I hate it when the heroine is all saint-like. And it pretty much did go down like I thought it would, didn't it? I'm a psychic! But really, this was a great chapter. Well done.

As for typos, I noticed one in your fourth paragraph. It said, "tasks that he was obligated to see too" when it should say, "tasks that he was obligated to see to." I think there was another, but I can't remember where it was. Oh well.
11/6/2015 c13 3xxxMadameMysteryxxx
Gr8 chapter I'm glad Georgia and the Creature reunited and I can't wait 2 read wat happens in the next chapter, plz update soon : )
11/6/2015 c13 Lucy Maud Montgomery
Plot twist omgomgomgomg awesome that and the steamy scene between Georgia and the Fiend made me love this story more than ever please update soon.
11/1/2015 c12 1Birds Love Words
Thank you for your response to my review! I did in fact listen to the Sense and Sensibility soundtrack as I was reading this, and I think it went with the story very well.

I'm happy to see Georgia is finally in Venice! Hopefully she suspects the correct secret identity of her smitten lover. How confusing it must be for characters in stories - all they know is what is written for them, and we, as readers, sit back and say, "Duh! Obviously it's your poet! What kind of plot would this story have if you married some random Italian guy?" :) I also find Bernardo's character interesting. Why does he speak English if he doesn't particularly like English people?

I can't wait for the next chapter! There will be a masquerade ball, a dance with many dodged questions, a fluttering of the heart, and a dramatic reveal, yes? (At least, that's how I'm envisioning it in my head all Sense-and-Sensibility-style.) Or if there's not, that's okay too. Please update soon!
10/31/2015 c11 3eitherangel
Aha! Is in Venice he is :) as Monsieur Rossignol! Happy Halloween K.M Benidir!
10/27/2015 c11 1Birds Love Words
Thank god! Another good Frankenstein story has appeared! The only other excellent one I've read on here is Ajestice's Curse the Darkness, which is what first made me decide that fanfiction was a medium worth reading. But that's a story for another day.

Your work has just as much potential as that one, and I'm so excited to see where it goes! I love the interactions between Georgia and the creature...who is now newly christened as Monsieur Rossignol? But what of his first name?! And way to go with the salvage idea - what a great way for him to establish himself!

I appreciate that Georgia has enough spirit in her to be playful with him, and I love that her music drew him to her - not only does it fit with his character, it also gave me an excuse to listen to piano music while I read this. I'd love to know if you based the song off of a real folk song, or if you made it up yourself. If it's a real song, I'd love to play it while I'm reading this so I can imagine Georgia playing it. What is Georgia's dark secret? (Other than her relative poverty, of course.) It will have to come out eventually.

I love the way you've developed the plot. Too often, the creature is kept as a forest spirit fluttering around at night who miraculously joins society through the grace of his true love and her saintly family. Seeing him turn himself into a self-made, independent man is very refreshing. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Favorited and followed,

Birds Love Words
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