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5/7 c1 5OracleGuessMe
I just checked out other storys from you, because I like your writing, and funnily I found this one! I read this years ago in my big Percy jackson phase...I don't remember much but I remember liking it alot.
4/21 c26 14DawnFrostofThunderClan74
a) The last paragraph before the line break in chapter two was really cute. And the ending of that chapter- Jason is such a nosy older brother and it is just amazing. And a lot of chapter four. And actually a lot of the story but yeah. Especially the ending of chapter 6. THEY'RE SO FREAKING CUTE AHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhHHHHhhhh
b) Hades threatening Will, of course, because how could I not.
c) I believe I covered that in the last review.

Sad to see this story come to an end but also at least you didn't just stop writing and abandon the story (I've done that numerous times..)
4/20 c25 Evan Emrys
4/20 c25 DawnFrostofThunderClan74
*inwardly screams* AHHHHHHHH
Okay but Hades' threats are just so in-character I love it. And ermmegoshwhyareNicoandWillsocutetogether.
But also Hades is so much better of a dad than any of the other gods, like, Jules Albert and genuinely caring about his kid? Like seriously. BUT AHH THE "I meant it when I said that I want you to be happy, Nico" is just so cute and Hades subtly interfering, PERFECTION, and I am quite willing to rant for an hour or so on everything I like about this story, but imma just touch on a few key points since I have work to do.

- The writing quality is excellent
* Good grammar
* Good spelling
* Very nice, I can get a feel for the emotions in the sentence.
- The plot is awesome
- Solangelo is my heart mind and soul and I'm a bit obsessed
- The characters were kept to their canon personalities for the most part
Yep. Yeah. Yes this is very nice.
4/19 c24 DawnFrostofThunderClan74
Nooo, Reyna! ;~; Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh but also can’t wait for the next chapter. REYNAAAAAAA
4/18 c24 Evan Emrys
Don't you dare kill Reyna! Nooooooooooₒₒₒₒₒₒₒₒₒₒₒₒₒₒₒₒₒₒₒₒₒₒₒₒₒₒₒₒₒₒₒₒ
4/18 c24 2demonic.phoenix.11
This chapter was so exciting! The end is such a cliffhanger, I can't wait for the next chapter!
4/12 c22 demonic.phoenix.11
This story is amazing! I loved reading about Nico and Will's relationship. This last chapter made me cry, it was so sad when Will broke down. Thanks for sharing this story.
4/12 c19 demonic.phoenix.11
This chapter was so exciting!
4/11 c11 demonic.phoenix.11
I'm so happy that Reyna is going to be a part of the quest! She's one of my favourite characters!
4/11 c7 demonic.phoenix.11
Nico and Will are so cute. This makes me smile!
4/11 c6 demonic.phoenix.11
This story is really great! I love seeing Nico and Will work through their feelings for each other. I'm going to cry because this is so cute!
4/7 c22 14DawnFrostofThunderClan74
OK SO THIS IS AWESOME. It's not only fluff, it's got a nice plot too (not that there's anything wrong with fluff), and it's both very cute and good writing so imma give this a 10/10. :D
4/5 c21 The Sorrowful Deity
4/4 c4 FantasyForever
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