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for Love Your Enemy

4/4 c45 tadeo.aguilar2004
You know, I really liked this theory. There will be more chapters. I'm looking forward to them. Some years have passed, but I'm still waiting for it. Please don't abandon this theory.
3/28 c45 Guest
This can't be the end I still want more I want to see what happens next
Please please update soon
3/28 c43 Guest
God damn it Ohnoki how could you separate those two love birds you monster this is just not fair
Kurotsuchi is going to be pissed that for sure
And I can't wait to see who are the Kages going to choose to lead the army
Please keep up the good work dear author, and thank you for such a beautiful story
3/27 c41 Guest
Holy shit I really didn't see this one coming Naruto is the new Hokage this is truly a unexpected twist and it just made this story on a new level
3/27 c39 Guest
Now that is what I call a happy ending, but poor Hinata I completely forgot about her I hope she will be alright
I can't wait to see what will happen next
3/27 c37 Guest
This story just keeps getting better and better
3/27 c35 Guest
My God I can't believe Naruto was really going to let her kill him, her really loves her doesn't he
This chapter was both sad and beautiful at the same time
3/27 c32 Guest
Oh my God this is so romantic
3/27 c45 PerlasoftheOrientSeas
3/27 c29 Guest
Oh poor Naruto even though he gone to tell her about his trip like any good boyfriend would do he still got rejected this one really broke my heart, yet it's still beautiful
3/26 c28 Guest
This probably the romantic story I have ever read, it just makes me smile and squeal at every part even when it's sad

I can't wait to see what happens now that kurotsuchi finally admitted her feelings
3/26 c25 Guest
Yugao is such kind hearted woman and almost look like the mother in this story for some reason
3/26 c24 Guest
Oh my God those two were just made for each other, I just can't believe people don't want them to be couples
3/26 c45 Guest
This is just amazing I just love this story I love how you made the relationship between Naruto and kurotsuchi feel so real
3/26 c45 Fandaim
Oh for the love of God please update new chapter of this story, I just found about it and I have to say I'm in love and I finished it in just two days and I want more thank you for such an experience
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