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6/2 c1 1Snowy321
Its not very good, words don't have dots and etc. I suggest you edit it and make a better job.
6/13/2016 c20 kittykatt
Please update I can't wait to read more
11/10/2015 c21 4Orange Dash
Poor Mikey, he better be okay.
10/22/2015 c20 a
more soon what will hapen
10/22/2015 c20 Orange Dash
Ha, loved the part where Lei asked Xandor why they broke the door down. And he's like to make a entrance... Oh just wow. Good chapter!
10/6/2015 c17 s
plz update soon
10/6/2015 c17 Orange Dash
My favorite part was mostly in the beginning when Mikey changes and the part where Raph does too. Rebel seems very interesting. I like the idea of other turtles besides just those regular four.
9/25/2015 c16 Orange Dash
Another Turtle? It sounds evil.
9/17/2015 c15 Orange Dash
Wow, a tornado?
9/15/2015 c14 Orange Dash
Rebel sounds interesting. Another Turtle huh?
9/13/2015 c13 Orange Dash
Ooooh, interesting.
9/12/2015 c12 Orange Dash
Aww, cute fluff there. I do have deviantart but usually I draw things and sometimes do computer art. I may do that, I don't know for sure. But, anyway you can still check out my deviantart. My profile name is BabyBlueEyes101.
9/11/2015 c11 Orange Dash
Woah, I was not expecting Raph to get mutated or turn into a lion. Great job with surprising me here.
9/11/2015 c10 Orange Dash
Oh no... No, Raph better be okay. I'm wondering if Donnie and Leo would go rescue him or perhaps Mikey. I could be wrong. Update soon!
9/10/2015 c9 Orange Dash
Great chapter you have there.
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