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10/27/2017 c1 Kai
Wow, what an Utopia. Too bad reality doesn't work that way.

Racism can't be abandoned just because "the king says so". In RL racism is recognized as a disadvantage and still people don't like "the others". One unbiased court means nothing when all other courts are still biased and the people just hate "the others" just like their forefathers have hated them.

And so can't the dislike of magic. Nords respect healers, but you would most probably not find enough mages for additional magic schools, look at the student numbers in Winterhold and consider how many of them are non-Nords.

Prosperity is a big weapon against crime, but there are crimes committed in the richest countries in RL, and not only by the poorest of those rich. And mages will always try to perfect their craft, at the expense of legality if necessary. Just because "evil magic" is forbidden those necromancers won't stop experimenting with dead, even very freshly dead, people.

Espionage can't be rooted out completely. Not all Thalmor agents are Altmer and money buys new spies when one is found and "sent away".

You have all those new employment opportunities in minting, mining, magicks, military (militaries), and more. And no people to fill those positions. Skyrim just came out of a civil war, ably prolonged by the Dominion, eating up all men and women fit for military service. Or fit for all those other jobs. Leaving mutilated veterans with PTSD who aren't able for either. Meaning you have to hire foreign guest workers, reinforcing your racism problem instead of solving it. RL example: post-second-world-war Germany.

And your king is no "just and civil ruler". IIRC there's only one in-game source, so it's probably slanted, possibly slanted a lot. But after Ulfric captured Markarth in 4E 176 he allegedly had everyone executed who wasn't on his side. And everyone means EVERYONE. No regards are made to children and elders, or civilian status. In fact, it's explicitly described that way. EVERYONE means combatants and non-combatants. Markarths streets must have been drenched in blood. Why should it be different this time? Because it's HIS taxpayers now? He didn't care for Igmund's taxpayers too, accepting the possibility of pissing a sitting Jarl off.

Daedra worship, whatever Daedric Prince, can't be destroyed completely. Daedra are gods. They have limited power in Mundus, but the power to influence people into doing their bidding is one they've left. Just like the Solstheim/Miraak problem can't be solved in the way described above. Hermaeus Mora is a Daedric Prince. In canon he gets everything in the end. He won't sneak away in the dark, sulking in Apocrypha. If an army comes to fight Miraak Mora can just as easy turn them all into skeever shit or just kill them with a blink of those hundreds of eyes of his. Including the Dragonborn. They have to enter Mora's realm to get to Miraak and there Mora is all powerful.

And the Skaal are isolationist for a good reason. Forcing them to open up to dealing with others, Dunmer from Solstheim or people from the mainland, just generates new religious tension. It's polytheism (the Nine Divines/the Reclamations) against monotheism (the All-Maker). Ends always in giant massacres. Look at RL history.

It would really be nice if everything went the way you describe it, but, well, reality is a bitch. Btw, look what happened after the events of "Oblivion". The crisis averted, the guilds strong as ever, the realm in the hand of an able Council and a competent High Chancellor, the Daedric Princes, except Mehrunes Dagon, satisfied and content with their Champion. And look 200 years later...

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