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11/27/2017 c10 sianaskittle
11/27/2017 c10 sianaskittle
I love this story! keep going!#
6/1/2017 c10 10TaimmyJ
all very cute! Really enjoyed this all, I think my favourite on was; "you started it!"
9/12/2015 c10 13Miss.KooKies
Guilty I've read all these chapters and haven't reviewed on one yet so here it is. I love all your stories first off I'm also a huge fan of AleHeather so whenever I see a story for them I squeal. These little one shots are so relatable and funny. My favorite so far is the parking lot problem where they park in each others spots its cute I also love this elevator one the ending is so fluffy. Noone can write such fluffy and funny AleHeather stories like you. Keep updating and just know I'll be reading your doing such a great job.
9/11/2015 c2 Guest
Stop. These feels, they are too much.
*cries of how beautifully written these are."
9/7/2015 c9 6FFraspberry
Loved all of them! Keep up the great work!

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