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1/21 c8 Ramen.noeldles
U wrote this when you were 13?! Thats rlly good...
This did make me feel very embarrassed reading at some points though.
6/13/2020 c8 Jcassie
and I just died hahaha shit got real indeed.
4/20/2019 c8 andyespinoza29
Loved it! Please update soon
11/2/2018 c8 11SleepyPuppy
true, lol i just found this, is hilarious. thanks for upl, hope u would continue the story
10/16/2018 c8 Samantha Godines
Update please
7/17/2018 c8 Damaged Forest Spirit
Please tell me haven’t given up on this story.
7/6/2018 c8 1CrimsonHeart790
Please Please Please upfate soon. Its a really good story
1/3/2018 c8 Guest
Author-San please update . I’ve been waiting since forever and you always have good chapters. PLEASE update
11/28/2017 c8 5Shadow demon Kitsune
Omg please don’t stop. This concept is going to be epic
9/19/2017 c8 NeonsLover
Please update soon
8/29/2017 c1 Belle
Plz Update love this book SOO SOO much plz
Don't discontinue
Date of review: August 29 2017
8/20/2017 c8 7MoonlightMiracle.SakurianaHime
please update and please tell me there will be more masaomi and miyu bedroom scenes
7/14/2017 c7 Madness-Is-Contagious-96
Now that the story has been polished I am very much liking it. Honestly a shit ton better than the 14 year old having sex you had before. I'm also liking the sexy scenes a lot better so that's a plus. But I mean grinding is my weakness so maybe it's just me, haha. The oc is also not as flamboyant which I very much like but she still has that quality about her which makes her her. Before she was kind of off the charts in regards of speech and behavior (and body) but I'm glad you came back to polish the story. And I know the oc is a good kisser but I think it's brought out a bit too much. Like the affect she has on people, it's a bit unrealistic and not to mention the fact that everyone she kisses comments on it. But anyways that's just my feedback I'm looking forward to the next chapter
5/30/2017 c8 2Misia0123
Omfg. I just literally watched that anime. (Kiss him not me) like minutes before I finished off this fanfic. Is this fate? Omg. Seriously I love that anime so much already! It's so good.. Nanashima is my favourite.. he's just so adorable... it's so sad that there aren't that many fanfictions about him though. ((I really wished she would choose him.. ~ damn.))
Anyway back to my review. Heh. This story is really good! I'm actually really excited to see an update! Keep up the good work and I'll see ya next time.
5/21/2017 c8 Guest
Does yusuke have a crush on Ema in this fanfic? Cause I ship them
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