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5/28 c101 Ghafar
This. This felt like a comforting hug straight to the heart. Thank you
5/27 c24 3A Trash Mob
So fucking adorable i love it!
5/18 c100 GreenEyesAreAwesome
i enjoyed this fic. thank you
5/13 c100 6Kalacakra108
Gods, but this was brilliant. I have never read "Sandman", but I don't believe one needs to appreciate this work. This is definitely my favourite take on the "Master of Death" trope as well. That's all I have to say. Good job!
5/5 c84 4J flood
I knew who she was from the moment she introduced herself or close to it once you started courting her I knew who she was
5/5 c82 J flood
you have brother misspelleder
5/3 c29 J flood
I am a man and I will only say this once a man understanding the mind of a woman that is impossible as wonderful as women can be there is not a man alive they were honest with both themselves and everyone else around them if they don't admit they have no idea what's going through a woman's mind then they're lying through their teeth we can guess at what's going through a woman's mind but that but that is impossible for us to understand it not on the deeper levels most of us are just too bullheaded so for those of you out there that are ladies I tip my hat off to you because you are the most confusing beings on the planet and the most wonderful beings on the planet
5/3 c3 J flood
I'm only on chapter 3 and I found this to be a good story the only issue I have is a chapters are way too short
4/6 c101 Guest
This is an outright gorgeous story. I was enraptured from the beginning. Nothing I have ever read has had quite the same feeling. Truly a work of art. :)
3/4 c100 HughJasz
This story was a joy to read. The interactions between characters were heartfelt and I found myself smiling between chapters. I look forward to reading your other works :)
2/24 c101 Man-me-a-sand
Absolutely beautiful. Thanks. Wish more stories could have the respect, curiosity, and wonder within itself that yours has.
2/24 c16 Man-me-a-sand
As someone who's always loved the Sandman comics and their characterizations of the endless ones, I am in love with this series so far. Short chapter, to the point, well-written, clear plot development, it's wonderful. Plus the characterization of magic not as some tool, some science to use and abuse, to game into immortality, but as a beautiful extension of life and diversity, it's absolutely wonderful. Thank you.
2/14 c100 Jessica Dallas
Love the story

Def would love to read harry and death’s wedding
1/25 c11 darthkratos24
Me again just wanted to say... I don't really like the book thing it's cheep and lazy
"don't fear he has a book that conveniently goes to what ever the hell he needs and bam everything is a okay!"
Why make all that fuss about the wand and how super duper special it is to never use it once! Like what? Why not make it so he need to learn from the book before he can cast the bloody spell with his fancy non existent wand? That would give him a reason to always be reading it as there is no point of that at the moment as it makes crap up on the spot you yourself said the pages were mostly always blank, it'd also give him a better reason to always be carrying it around other then plot convenience
1/25 c6 darthkratos24
This chapter was incredibly disappointing honestly, you set it up to be different only to follow canon like a crutch... You set him up more like a ravenclaw to just drop him back into the gryffs sure I won't lie I personally don't like gryffindor think it's a dumb house hell canon it's self probably hates gryffindor as marlin himself was a Slytherin kind of shows something if the supposed greatest Wizard was Slytherin yet everyone believes all the greats go to gryffindor. So yea there is definitely a bias view there for me but I think you put your harry in the wrong house the way you're heading from what I see gryffindor will just hold him back especially seeing as you're having him accept magic more and all of gryffindor will shun him the moment they know he speaks to snakes and this time he shouldn't resent the ability because "the pale lady" wouldn't be happy he's pushing away a part of his magic. So if you do that...then I think the rest of your story will fall flat, but I can't say enough as I've not read that much just the thoughts and stuff I have at this moment
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