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4/26 c14 WeisseHex
Gre3at little story!
4/26 c12 WeisseHex
Love the idea of the sponge cake! Sweets are always welcome.
4/26 c10 WeisseHex
Oh, Harry is speaking my language, shopping! Oh yeah!
4/26 c9 WeisseHex
These goblins REALLY won't be cool with Harry except for Griphook? Strange, seeing that he has lots of Galleons in their bank.
4/26 c8 WeisseHex
What a strange thing to do Harry!
4/1 c14 hdres
A fantastic story. I really enjoyed how Harry approached all his life events particularly how he built relationships with Griphook and Flitwick. Thank you for sharing your story
3/12 c14 PeaceablePenguinElf
Excellent story with original twists. I liked how you applied the simplicity and perspective of an eleven year old kid to the story. Loved Griphook and Flitwick - their reactions were a joy to read. Thank you for writing.
2/28 c14 3WhiteElfElder
I wonder what became of Albus and Hogwarts with all of that? What about the Stone and Voldemort?
11/16/2023 c14 Rebatrek
Very good! I like a Harry that takes charge early! Thank you for sharing.
9/7/2023 c4 Foolgod
I have issues with this super portkey ring he has. Why would any wizard use normal portkeys if they could just use a ring to take them everywhere? sure it cost money but I feel like most adult wizard would invest in such a ridiculously useful tool.
6/23/2023 c14 1Darknessdawns
This was quite different and rather enjoyable. I definitely liked the relationships that Harry developed with Gringotts, Griphook, Flitwick, and even Madam Pomfrey. I was definitely amused by his use of the goblin portkey. However I was left curious about how the whole Dark Lord issue was cleared up.
12/31/2022 c14 Guest
Great story
12/28/2022 c14 ReaderNotWriter2
this was beutiful
11/6/2022 c4 Gator LHA
Bene Factum
10/12/2022 c7 BlazeStryker

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