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for Ballet des Muses, LWV 32

3/13 c29 Princesakarlita411
Will there be a sequel? Does Angelus know about Cole? Looking forward to reading the sequel
3/8 c29 Guest
i really enjoyed this rewrite! i've loved all of your rewrites
3/8 c29 Guest
Wow that last reveiwer is high, this was a great fanfic! wonderfully written and gripping
3/6 c29 Guest
Noooooooo it’s over?! What an ending! I want more more more!
3/3 c26 BangelLove89
I love that they are going to venture away from Sunnydale, it's definitely time for them to move on and wreck havoc elsewhere! you write Buffy and Angel(us) so well. love all their interactions!
3/2 c25 Guest
Oof that was brutal ... oh Angelus ... always thinking outside the box
2/28 c23 Guest
Yassssssssss! Evil B is back!
2/28 c23 Guest
This is good...but I miss the old version (shrugs)
2/28 c23 2pLei4fun
Finally! let's go have some fun with the scoobies now. Oh it's gonna be epic with how Faith is going to be after they just had sex. gonna be deliciously tragic!
2/27 c21 Lullaby Cullen
[Review for Chap 23 cause I can only post 1 review per chapter and I already posted one before the rewrite] Finally, Buffy and Angelus are back together! I don't think I could take much more of them being apart haha.
2/27 c23 BangelLove89
such a good chapter! can't wait for more updates, I love this story!
2/27 c23 Guest
Oop! Buffy and Faith getting it on? That's not gonna end well...

2/27 c23 Princesakarlita411
if I were Buffy I would make him suffer
2/26 c22 BangelLove89
can't wait for another update!
2/26 c22 Guest
Okay I a huge Bangel fan but I do Buffy and Lucifer! They’re really cute and I think great together!

Yesssssss the return of Spike and Dru! I love they’re dynamic with Buffy! She had a power over them—especially spike! It’s awesome

Such a frogging great story
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