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for Ballet des Muses, LWV 32

2/26 c22 BangelLove89
can't wait for another update!
2/26 c22 Guest
Okay I a huge Bangel fan but I do Buffy and Lucifer! They’re really cute and I think great together!

Yesssssss the return of Spike and Dru! I love they’re dynamic with Buffy! She had a power over them—especially spike! It’s awesome

Such a frogging great story
2/26 c22 Princesakarlita411
Poor Buffy stupid angelus
2/26 c21 RoyalsRulez
Ugh! My BAngel heart!
2/25 c20 Princesakarlita411
Does angelus know about cole?
2/25 c21 Guest
Don't think I didn't catch that subtle Underworld reference! Clever
2/25 c21 Guest
Omg haha Buffy and Lucifer talking about Dawson’s Creek had me rolling! Haha
2/25 c21 Princesakarlita411
Poor Buffy! I liked that Lucifer showed up and there's was jealous angelus
2/25 c21 2pLei4fun
I love all the cameos from all my other favorite shows! first Salem, Charmed, and now Lucifer?! Now I need you to write one where Lucifer and Elizabeth get together and become king and queen of the underworld! lol
2/25 c21 BangelLove89
I love this story so much! everyday there is a new update I can't to read! they can't break up for good... they just can't
2/25 c20 Guest
Wow there was a lot of great things in this chapter! The first, Buffy getting it on with everyone! Haha I loved this take on the Amends ghosts! I think they were a lot more haunting and Buffys spiral was more dramatic than the original!

My favorite lines was towards the end when Buffy was talking to her past self. She called herself Hells profit, savior, chosen one, the Bible fan fiction. It thought I was very moving and clever. It’s powerful imagery with just a few words
2/23 c19 Guest
There is just too much to unpack in this chapter! It was amazing and I love how you’re able to make me feel like I’m right there in the thick of it.

Willow and Buffy that whole thing was funny and so interesting. I love it when Buffy talks about her past!

The showdown with Drac! What a punk!

My heart broke for Buffy when she regained her soul. The pain and confusion she be feeling. It saddened me that she reverted to her human self and just started crying her eyes out when the realization hit. She tried turning to god but being a vampire she can’t hold a rosary or a cross... it was just really sad.

I do look forward to how Angelus will be handling all of this. He seemed very protective over her. Will he keep being that way?
2/23 c19 pLei4fun
No! Meddling kids and their stupid watcher lol
2/22 c18 BangelLove89
Love this story! you write Buffy and Angel so well, I'm so hooked!
2/20 c16 Guest
Love the speech Buffy tells Faith! It’s so creepy
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