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for Ballet des Muses, LWV 32

2/20 c17 Guest
I really like how you mix the shows episodes but it doesn’t feel or read redundant. I have no idea where this is going and I’m so excited
2/20 c17 Noname says all
So I like the other story you did. I liked that you weren’t following the script with the original Buffy series.
2/19 c16 Guest
the scoobies now know the truth! let the games begin!
2/18 c15 2pLei4fun
I love this soo much! I usually start my mornings to see if you updated this story and I immediately read the whole chapter before getting out of bed. I love her pretending that she has a soul and I kinda hope that it doesn't become reality because of those scoobies! what can I say I'm a sucker for a great villain win. There are too many heroes winning and not enough of a truly perfect villain coming out on top. I LOVE it and I love you!
2/18 c15 Guest
How you weave lines from the show is flawless! And now Wilkins is in this! I love this story so much!
2/16 c13 Princesakarlita411
really enjoying this have you ever thought of writing a story between coal and Buffy I really did like that pairing will Lucifer show up again also interesting pairing
2/15 c13 Caitiebelle
I am so enjoying this story! :D

Small thing though that made me confused, Titanic went down on April 15th 1912, not 1923. :o
2/11 c10 Guest
This is just so much creepier than the original story! i love it!
2/10 c9 Guest
I love this! I really liked Buffy's reluctance of mating Angelus. I mean, she was a bit frightened bc its a big step and I LOVE that she didn't run in the other direction. I wonder if they're in love. I mean they're evil demons ... and/also they met like a week ago. I wonder what their relationship is like in the future!

really cool use of Zepar!
2/10 c9 Caitiebelle
I love this chapter! :D :D
I enjoy the thought of an actual vampiric type of ceremony for the mating, that was a nice touch. :D
2/9 c8 BangelLove89
wonderful chapter! finally they are together: can't wait for more updates!
2/9 c8 Caitiebelle
W00p! Sexy time! :D :D
I think this is a great way to introduce their bond, how we get to see there is indeed something special here, something that they don't feel with others. :D
I love it!
2/9 c8 Guest
a match made in Hell. Love that haha! They totally are!

I love that Angelus is able to see straight thru her. He WANTS her to feel but will she run away like she did when Cole brought feeling human? I really hope not
2/8 c7 Lullaby Cullen
OH I just found out about this rewrite! so unexpected but also so happy to have something new to read! Good new Bangel stories are rare to come by these days and I just love your style of writing! I loving the way you've expanded on how Buffy and Angelus got together. Keen for more :)
2/8 c7 Guest
i really love this story! i can't wait for the next chappie! update soon!
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