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for Ballet des Muses, LWV 32

2/8 c7 Caitiebelle
Oooo the fight is on! I LOVE the tension between Angelus and Buffy. :D But I also love the underlying passion! :D It simmers...
And I like that you have made her a competent fighter, because she was, but also that we can clearly see a bit of a stalemate between the both of them, which I also really liked. :D

I also love the way you have taken things from the show and implemented them, like how they meet here is very much the same, and also the ending here - his lines hehe. Such an Angelus thing to say.

I like how Darla is also very much like she was in the show, jealous of Buffy (or anyone really) who could take him away from her, and that even though he's with Darla, again it's quite clear that she holds no actual power over him, he's with her because "currently" she offers him the things he enjoys, women and companionship, also she has thought him some things - but if he chose to I get the impression he wouldn't think twice about leaving her.

Which, having read the original story - I recognize some stuff, but also like some of the changes so far. :D

But there is one thing that does make me wonder. Buffy talks about his father and his human life, but his father wasn't a fish merchant, he was a silks merchant, and they had one servant, so that makes them far from "poor". They would have been "poorer" than what they used to be when Liam was growing up, most likely, but they would have been more middle class, so def. not poor. :D

But I guess we can think of it as Buffy putting in "poor" because she was aristocracy - so she's making assumptions based on social standing, not the purse. After all, you mention in earlier chapters in the beginning that her father was awarded an Earldom, which is why he was the "1st Earl of" - and an Earldom is quite high up the next one is a Marquess followed by the Duke which is only rivalled by the Royalty, so her father was def. not common any more. :D

But I like how Buffy is so very haughty in her ways, even though (from how I read it at least) her father didn't have his Earldom for very long, I read it as this happened "recently" and therefore as a child, she would not have been an aristocrat, but I could be wrong ofc! It's not very clear, I'm just assuming based on the info? :D
2/8 c7 Guest
Bahaha they finally meet and they HATE EACH OTHER! amazing!
2/8 c6 Caitiebelle
YESS YESS YESS! Heeeloooo Angelus!WOOOOP! hahaha
*claps hands excitedly* now the fun can really begin haha. xD
2/6 c6 BangelLove89
They've finally met! loving the crossovers you have included; the incorporation it's done so well! can't wait for updates
2/6 c6 Guest
weeeeee! buffy finally meets angelus!
2/5 c5 Guest
Interesting ... Cole and Buffy... I can see it. I do really like that Buffy had this entire life before Angel. She was with Dracula and Cole and I guess few guys in between... I love that!

I also think it’s interesting that Buffy has feelings and Cole was the one to provoke them ... I wonder how long Buffy will stick to the vow she made herself
2/5 c5 Guest
Christ this story is cool
2/4 c4 Violet5
Bufffy finds out about slayers... why do I feel like the game just entirely changed
2/4 c3 Caitiebelle
Oooo the darkness! I love it! As you say, they don't get these reputations for nothing! Hehehe.
Will we see Angelus soon? :D
2/4 c4 Vagabond43
Cole?! Wasn't he from like the 1800s or something - oof its been a while since i've watched Charmed. why is he there?! OMG I cant wait for the next chappie!
2/4 c4 Guest
well, i just loved everything about this. Its actually really cool how you're mixing all of these characters from different shows and storylines like Holtz, Salem, Charmed, and Lucifer ... I'm really looking forward to the next chapter! this is a really fun and well thought out story!

is the reverend like Buffy's Drusilla ... you know what I mean? her special project

i dunno, i think Buffy is gonna get down and dirty with Cole haha What the heck is he doing there!
2/3 c3 Guest
I'm very much enjoying this story!
2/3 c3 Spearsbitch
if you weren't sure Buffy was evil before this then this would be the chapter to prove it! what she did to that poor girl was awful but what do you expect from a notorious evil vampire?! I really am enjoying this story. i love the build up of her past and just how she becomes the legend that she is
2/3 c3 Guest
It was really clever to add in Holtz and his family into this! I really thought that was really cool and fun! I'm so excited for the next chapter what sort of adventures Buffy is gonna get in MA
2/3 c2 Caitiebelle
Oooo love it! Def dark hahaha.
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