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2/3/2021 c26 kristi.green1123
99ppp8pll x
10/25/2018 c14 Siriusmunchkin
Even if it wasn't the second time I've read this, it would be more than obvious she's going to discover she's pregnant.
4/15/2018 c40 9timidvampire
loved this! great story , thank you
10/16/2017 c40 8Sassyvampmama
Thanks for sharing.
8/6/2017 c40 end2097
I'm guessing there's no epi but that's ok. I really enjoyed this story. Thank you so much for sharing. I don't know why it doesn't have more reviews but I've done a few to push it along.

Thank you thank you!
8/6/2017 c39 end2097
Awwww... just in time!
8/6/2017 c37 end2097
Yikes... didn't see that coming!
8/6/2017 c36 end2097
I love that Jessica is a doctor here!
8/6/2017 c31 end2097
Think I'm addicted to this story...
8/6/2017 c30 end2097
I can't stop reading this. Who's going to pick my kids up?
8/6/2017 c16 end2097
I should have seen that coming but I'm still surprised!
8/6/2017 c14 end2097
So sad... poor Edward! And Bella too!
8/6/2017 c12 end2097
Oh no... getting a little teary!
8/6/2017 c11 end2097
Oh no... hope there's no regrets
8/6/2017 c10 end2097
I'm hooked...
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