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6/19 c24 isabellaevamara
awesome story. thank you for writing it.
6/19 c11 isabellaevamara
great story so far. really annoyed at how the characters in the story are treating Hermione at times though. in general in stories i've read pansy always hangs off Draco, Ginny dates around with numerous people, harry in this story seems to date around or allegedly date around in the summer b4 final year and it is barely commented on then the gossip rags move on, but Hermione is being targeted and harassed even by her own family in Sirius and teachers, when she is doing absolutely nothing wrong nothing to be scolded or chastised or upbraided about in any way and has always been the definition of prim and proper and like a mini me of Minerva McGonagall or Amelia Bones or something, so prim and proper and rule abiding you'd think sometimes that she was double Molly Weasley's age instead of a teenager/young woman that she is.

and for bleep sakes Minerva and Sirius, they are already doing their best and being discrete and only going places and doing things they are supposed to be doing, and instead of lecturing them why don't you do your bleeping jobs as adults and protect them and stop allowing reporters as animagi and such into the school and into Hogsmeade and into the common rooms and such in the first place, schools especially boarding schools are supposed to be homes and safe places and places to learn and explore in relative safety and privacy, not supposed to be places that try to drive their students into hiding/seclusion or make them want to leave the wizarding/magical society for their normal society they came from.

and everyone wonders why Hermione learns to hit Draco to teach him a lesson bc no adults do their jobs in this universe or why Harry won't ever ask an adult for help or even tell them anything about what is going on, because nearly every adult in this universe seems to be totally utterly incompetent failures or something most of the time or deluded or something i dont know.

sometimes i so want to hand Hermione a wet fish or insert a certain Leroy Jethro Gibbs head slap or something into some of the stories i read on here.

and i really don't understand why the internet seems to love Draco so much, he's a bully and never seems to change and a prick and borderline evil and mouths off he wants Hermione and everyone like her dead, yet i saw a story or search result earlier this week that said Draco and Hermione pairing stories were like double or triple as numerous on some site called ao3 or something as any other pairing in the universe/fandom, it just makes utterly zero sense to me. Draco and Umbridge are both worse then Voldemort to me in some ways and Snape and Dumbledore in some stories are worse then Bellatrix or Voldemort as well, but yet people seem to adore/worship Draco and Dumbledore.

anyway great story so far and really hope she figures out her feelings for Harry soon and stops denying them and hurting Harry and making Harry think he stands no chance and she'll never like him that way.
5/9 c1 mightoguy
this was a good read. the blatant sexism was uncomfortable and serious was pretty worthless as a father to hermoine but still a good read
4/26 c24 21CallaRose4ever
I loved the story very much. thank you for sharing it. it was delightful.
4/8 c24 dianaanne
I really enjoyed this!
Lovely story!
Absolutely loving this!
1/19 c11 12Harry2
I think I know who the leak is. It's that aide of Kingsley that Sirius is seeing.
1/13 c24 nif-ravenpuff
This was fantastic! Impeccable how it would veer towards tropes I dislike but pull back in the nick of time. Like a literary Wronski Feint.
11/5/2022 c24 Guest
I love this one !
Thanks for write
10/18/2022 c24 R8chil
I loved this story and added it to reread in the future.
10/18/2022 c10 R8chil
I’m so glad Ron came to the conference. Molly attacking reporters made me laugh. Also, I love protective Harry!
10/18/2022 c9 R8chil
Supportive Ron for the win! I just love a good supportive Ron character.
7/24/2022 c15 Snivillus Snape
I don't like this Sirius at all. But not at all. I don't mind changing certain things with the characters: their date of birth, their years of seniority or even their character (but a little!). It just has to be believable! And there it is not at all!
7/24/2022 c6 Snivillus Snape
I'm not the only one who loves the Draco/Luna couple!
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