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for Paint Her Black

8/6/2017 c24 Guest
Great Story! Thank you for sharing it with all of us.
8/5/2017 c8 Anne
This is a lovely, beautifully written story. I read it awhile ago, but am enjoying it just as much the second time around.
7/31/2017 c24 3G the Headmaster
I started reading this when you first wrote it. I don't know why but for some dumb reason I stopped.
I'm so glad I found it again and finished reading it,

Well done!
7/30/2017 c16 G the Headmaster
I agree about the scene with the condoms. You three witches are ausome
7/30/2017 c5 G the Headmaster
You're evil!
7/28/2017 c24 6DameEsmeralda
I really enjoyed this story! Thank you for sharing! xo
7/12/2017 c24 MilandaAnza
This was quite sweet i enjoyed it
6/25/2017 c18 3IndigoBirds
Oh my god Hermione Han Solo'd Harry!
5/23/2017 c24 summerrainxoxo
Love these stories of Hermione being a Black and Sirus getting happiness! Thank you so much for writing this!
5/13/2017 c1 KrystHla
I am unable to remove my previous review, so I hereby retract what I said. I may not agree with the idea but I had no right to be so disgustingly rude to someone who has put hours of effort into entertaining others. please accept my deepest apologies for any offense caused.
5/10/2017 c2 KrystHla
Draco just asked Hermione to go to hogsmede with him. Sorry dude, I'm sure this is a good story, but i will never be able to see Draco Malfoy as anything other than a slimy piece of asscrement. A bigoted, self-serving, arrogant, evil little tosser and even just the thought of him and Hermione has destroyed all interest i had in this story.
5/5/2017 c24 Niknakkitkat
This is awesome
4/2/2017 c1 2KnocturneWitch
Okay. Well, that was just awesome. Thank you!
3/11/2017 c24 meganificant
I loved this story! Amazing concept and beautiful writing. Thank you :)
3/4/2017 c24 1ainokea2810
A beautiful story. Well done.
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