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1/16/2017 c2 gigglymonkey12
This has been so exciting so far.
Can I make some guesses?
I'm guessing that she's Sirius' daughter or something...or if not that then she isn't who she thinks she is since her parents had a charm or something beforehand and no glamours/charms can alter her appearance...
I'm guessing it has to do w/ Sirius because we got snippets of him and Mary and the wedding and Sirius mentioned having a wife and daughter...so it must be important.
I guess I'll just have to find out, but I swear...if this is right I'm gonna become a detective (not really, but you know...)
1/13/2017 c24 BillBrink
This had "Winner" on it from the first chapter. Thank you for sharing it with us.
1/12/2017 c3 BillBrink
Alright, I'm a guy and, looking at the summary, I thought, "Not interested in another ROMANCE story". However, I already read 2 of your shorter works and was very impressed with the quality of your writing, so I decided I'd give this one a try and if things were too fluffy I could always go elsewhere for some action. Now I'm only at the third chapter and you have my attention! I can see by the title and your inclusion of Sirius' obviously now missing daughter, plus the loss of the Grangers, that you are going to make Hermione the missing Black daughter. But you have put enough mystery (who is trying to destroy her reputation and why, plus will she finally get together with Harry) that you have me for the next 21 chapters.
I don't normally review in the middle of a story, but this was a nice surprise. I like harmony.
1/6/2017 c24 1KourtneyKhaos
Great story!
12/30/2016 c24 aradia1967
Love the story but you forgot one little thing. What was the sex of Sirius and Kate's baby. Does Hermione have a brother or a sister.
12/30/2016 c15 aradia1967
are you gonna publish the harmony story A Papercut and Old Parchment
12/25/2016 c24 LittleMountainofLight
I was blown away by this story, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading every second of it! Your characters and plot were quite brilliant, and I loved the pairings. I love your Neville and Ron, and I'm just so happy that our favorite witches and wizards find much happiness in your story! Thanks so much for this. I know I will be reading this frequently!
12/20/2016 c1 20Alytiger
Oh goodness.
12/12/2016 c24 3GODISAWESOME
Ahh I absolutely love love loved this story! Sooo good :) I would totally keep reason if you decided to add to it but also few you ended it on a great note! Congrats!
12/9/2016 c11 3censoredentity
ugh... I'm sick of Hermione denying her feelings to Harry.. ugh
12/6/2016 c3 12stealacandy

I'm wondering about he whole "8th year' thing.

Harry and Hermione missed their 7th year, Luna spent some of her 6th in captivity in Malfoy Manor, Neville and Ginny spent the year dodging death eaters or being tortured. So they have an excuse to redo the year. Except Ginny isn't a 6th year, but a 7th year. Meaning she's not doing 6th yer again. If she can move on, and, pressumably, so do the other students of Hogwarts, then, presumably, so would the former 7th years. in that case, then, why is Neville redoing the year?

Also, why is Draco, or, say, Pansy, redoing the year also? Draco wasn't tortured, he wasn't dodging death eaters - he was a death eater - and Head Boy to boot! So, yes, the Mugggle Studies teacher was bad, but do you really think Draco took Muggle Studies or gave a damn about them? And, yes ,the DADA teacher was lousy, too, but DADA teachers were almost always studies, and it didn't stop anyone from graduating. So why are they redoing the year?
12/3/2016 c2 2GeorgeTobor
In one of my favorite stories the Daily Prophet is destroyed.
Sadly it is done at night and no one dies.
Harry needs to kill more than one dark lord.

Oh and the title of the fic is FAERY HEROES.
It's a challenge response to the CHAMPIONS OF LILITH.
11/21/2016 c24 AllonsyPonds
11/21/2016 c24 Raven J. Haile
This was fangtastic. I loved reading about the Eighths. Those in the war really need to learn how to let loose now that it's over. :3
11/5/2016 c24 Dherea
Such a sweet story. I like how you made the eighth year dorms and how eventually they all became friends. The scene with the condoms was a classic - I was sitting in a restaurant while reading it. I was cracking up and almost spit out my drink when the girls walked in! Too funny!

Great job!
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