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9/8/2016 c24 SereniteRose
I so enloyed reading this new chapter, thanks ever so much, it was great ans I love that Hermione and Harry were married I just love Hermione she's my all time favorite character in the Harry Potter world, she's a great role model for young girls as well, thanks again.
9/8/2016 c24 RLupin
Thank you!
9/8/2016 c24 pawsrule
What a great story, thank u for sharing! I hope you plan to write another Harry/ Hermione story in the future.
9/8/2016 c24 1xLUNARxANARCHYx
Loved the story as a whole! Couldn't wait for new chapters!
9/8/2016 c24 21katmom
Charming and sweet! And excellent and Dean. Thank you for sharing with us. I look forward to more words from you.

9/8/2016 c24 covenmama
Very sweet ending! I feel so rushed...I need to back and start again so I have more time with your characters! ;)
Thank you for sharing your words!
9/8/2016 c24 animelover5107
Awww it's really over :( but it was a fantastic story! Thanks for sharing it with us!
9/8/2016 c24 Grovek26
Good ending to a good read.
9/8/2016 c24 Ldysabella
What a beautiful proposal to wrap up this tale. I was surprised and pleased that you didn't go into a long drawn out wedding scene so common in fanfics. I've really enjoyed this story as it delved into the real differences between muggleborns and pure bloods.
9/8/2016 c24 Cecily Mitchell
Happy Endings are love. It was very good and I thoroughly enjoyed it :3
9/8/2016 c24 3Commando2341
In canon, Hermione's birthday is 19th September.
Broke my immersion slightly.
9/8/2016 c24 10LJ Summers
And they all lived happily ever after. :)

Well done, PB! :)
9/7/2016 c23 Darrell
I would like to read the new years bash.
9/5/2016 c23 buddha720
I was just pointed to this fic a day or two ago and I couldn't put it down. My fav Harmony so far! I would love for you to share the New Year's party chapter you mentioned. :)

Now, off to read everything else you have written... :)
9/1/2016 c23 10ThatOneGuy875
one of the best I've ever read (and I read a lot of FF) I never thought this was the end and would be so sad if it was. Harry and Hermione should at least get married before the end.
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