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for Paint Her Black

3/22/2021 c14 diamondgalshell
They are so cute together!
3/22/2021 c13 diamondgalshell
Omg! He did it, he said it. I'm so happy
3/22/2021 c2 6starlite22
I’m really surprised Sirius didn’t name his daughter after a star,
3/22/2021 c12 diamondgalshell
Things are really heating up! They need to let these teens age their age.
3/22/2021 c1 starlite22
Not bad except you keep calling it fall, when it’s autumn
3/22/2021 c11 diamondgalshell
It's the damn Trollop! Good looking or not she is a rat!
3/22/2021 c10 diamondgalshell
That press conference was insane! Loved Molly. I can't wait for Hermione to recognize what she feels for Harry.
3/22/2021 c9 diamondgalshell
Yes damn it, I enjoyed it, more than being a productive member of society. I need an intervention for fanfic addiction . Still loving this.
3/22/2021 c8 diamondgalshell
That was really good! Poor Hermione. I sense a betrothal coming up soon. Ok I've got to get to the next chapter. I swear good fanfic makes me useless IRL... lol
3/22/2021 c7 diamondgalshell
Oh my gosh! So exciting. I can't wait to move on to the next chapter. Great chapter, great way to reveal who Hermione is.
3/22/2021 c6 diamondgalshell
Enjoyed it. That steamy kiss with Harry and Hermione! wow. Loved Luna, she is a breath of fresh air.
3/22/2021 c5 diamondgalshell
Oh here it comes!
3/22/2021 c4 diamondgalshell
Oh my, I hope that game doesn't accidentally reveal things about Harry and Hermione. Like how they feel about each other.
3/22/2021 c3 diamondgalshell
very interesting chapter. My blood boils at the antiquated traditions in this world. But that is just how it is. Poor Harry hearing Hermione say she isn't interested in him. I can't wait for the big revelation of Hermione's parentage.
3/22/2021 c2 diamondgalshell
I'm loving this world and its inhabitants. Different from other 8th years fics. Really intriguing.
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