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9/22/2015 c3 2firelemonade
oh, this is so good! i can't wait for more :) i already love your story!
9/21/2015 c3 covenmama
I'm enjoying the tempo...even if that sounds weird!
It's not being stretched into infinity, nor rushed ridiculously. I am looking forward to Hermione being united with her father!
Of course, I'm also looking forward Harry & Hermione as a couple ! Can't wait to see the story unfold even more !
9/21/2015 c3 loveroelves
Really excellent story. I cannot wait to find out who the "rat" is.
9/21/2015 c3 5turbulenthandholding
I'm enjoying this story a lot! It's such an interesting AU. Looking forward to reading more!
9/21/2015 c3 jperks
I'm enjoying this very much. I have to say that I'm on Hermione's side. I can't imagine being held to those standards. Thank you for the update.
9/21/2015 c3 2KiyUzumaki
Pterodactyl screech at the amazing story
9/21/2015 c3 animelover5107
I am loving this story! Clearly Harry has some feelings for Hermione but she has friend zoned him! I'm guessing the glamour on her since she was a babe is slowly releasing and that is why basic makeup glam ours that didn't work before are starting to work now! And the tapestry! I wonder who will be the one to discover that - Sirius or Harry or maybe even Hermione! And the hell that will break loose once the realization that Sirius's daughter is still alive O.o I can only imagine! Can't wait for the next chapter!
9/21/2015 c3 Ldysabella
I'm intrigued. Draco and Daphne needing to find a way out of a binding contract seems like part of the motivation. I'm sure there's more to it.
9/21/2015 c3 pawsrule
This really getting good! I can't wait to see what happens next.
9/21/2015 c3 1glitterally
Blue, I adore this story! I love how you've connected the events of the past to those of the present, and how you've made the alliance between some of the 8th years so realistic. The old-fashioned mores of the Purebloods is believable to me because so much of the canon HP world seemed antiquated. And as always, I cannot get enough of your headlines and newspaper articles.
9/15/2015 c2 Guest
Great chapter! I'm really liking the story so far and I can't wait until the next update :D
9/15/2015 c2 covenmama
So glad I found this ! I'm looking forward to the next update! As to Sirius' daughter, he truth about Hermione's' parents... I have my theories!
9/15/2015 c2 21ShayaLonnie
Love it! Just the story I needed for a happy pick me up! I love Harry's protectiveness and Hermione's snark.
9/15/2015 c2 Sampdoria
Absolutely loved the update, it is a wonderful plot and very well written. I wonder though, as muchas Sirius love Harry, will he love him just as much as a suitor for his daughter...? :-))
9/14/2015 c2 niknik0201
This chapter just continues to draw in my attention!
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