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9/14/2015 c2 35Kittyinaz
Hmmm you got me mystified...
9/14/2015 c2 jperks
Thank you for the update!
9/14/2015 c2 16LJ Summers
There Sirius goes again. Hey, Harry. Hermione's a good match! Okay, so he didn't say exactly that, but... and Harry seems to be just ignoring that? lol

Why didn't Hermione use a muffling charm or something in her room or about her bed? Is there a reason or is that it's a fanon thing rather than a canon thing?

I love Bill as Head of Gryffindor. :)

The idea of the whole "dating to make someone else jealous/think hard" annoys me, I have to say, in real life. Seems so ungenuine. Not that one has to have a deep connection to date, but a date should be about the people on the date, not a bunch of others. Of course, this is fantasy. lol I just wonder how many wrong thoughts will result from that magic moment in the Great Hall.

Kudos to Neville for being sensible. :) I hope he remains thus. lol

Well, I do wonder about the Dreamless Sleep failure, but I get the beauty/makeup charm failure. That goes along with the Can't Do More Memory Charms on the Grangers thing. (which makes tons of sense)

So, who is spying on the "Golden Duo"? Hmmm...

And is Babette Varette a pseudonym for an already known entity?

Sneaky stuff!
9/14/2015 c1 LJ Summers
So, why is Sirius adamant that Harry should take Hermione to the ball, even though it's not for months and months? Is it due to his memories of Mary?

I know, I reviewed this chapter on BF already. :) But I'm here, too, because I live here. lol

I kind of feel like Hogwarts Administration wants 8th years as social directors for their own nefarious reasons. Is there a nefarious reason or is it just something to keep things moving? (I'm so suspicious.)
9/14/2015 c2 pawsrule
Loved it! I look forward to reading about their dates in Hogsmeade. Thanks for the long and interesting chapter!
9/14/2015 c2 1Duner89
Oh boy I wonder just what Malloy wants to say to Hermione? I've a feeling that Harry will be showing up to keep Malloy from getting too friendly. I wonder F it'll be about her glamour that's strong enough to keep any face altering charms from sticking? That would be an interesting conversation t say the least.

Will Hermione use Sirius as her head of house for dealing with the papers? I can see Sirius offering her that so that she has a pure blood representation.

Anywho update soon
9/14/2015 c2 animelover5107
Hmmm wonder if the nightmares are linked to revealing her true parentage... Of corse I'm just speculating - love the chapter!
9/14/2015 c2 1glitterally
I love how you've woven your own storyline around canon, and I love the relationship between Sirius and Harry. And your use of headlines always makes me smile - you're so good at them! The Victorianesque mores of the Purebloods is just fascinating . . . *goes back to reread parts*
9/13/2015 c1 1Duner89
Looks like Sirius doesn't know about Hermione's heritage. Looks like Mary made sure to hide Hermione well. I wonder if it was done before or after Sirius was thrown in jail? the latter would be reason enough not to tell Sirius about his daughter.

I also can't wait to watch the jealousy when everyone starts to ask out the Golden Duo. I bet Hermione snaps first and claims Harry since she's so assertive. Especially if someone she doesn't like starts to try and get Harry.

I'm looking forward to the next update :D
9/13/2015 c1 Nichole O
Great story looking forward to more!
9/12/2015 c1 12ssdawning
Fabulous start. I may have to head over to Bewitching Fiction to catch chapter 2. Thanks!
9/9/2015 c1 21ShayaLonnie
I simply adore a polite Regulus Black. The way he talks. I swoon for it.

I adore the Harmony. So sweet and perfect.

I would have reviewed more but I binge read this in one sitting and couldn't stop to write. LOL.
9/9/2015 c1 niknik0201
Interesting chapter...and it's funny how draco went from apologetic to rude so quickly...it reminded me of this one person
9/9/2015 c1 3arabellagrace
Really liked the first chapter
9/8/2015 c1 pawsrule
Wonderful and interesting start. Nice flow and pace is good. I hope Harry doesn't date around. Look forward to more.
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