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for A Suited Christmas

12/19/2015 c7 Guest
Is this ending at Christmas? If it does can there be a sequel next year! I don't want it to end
11/30/2015 c6 66AnonymousDH
OOoh fun twist, them having to take care of the children. That Sara is a bitch.. curious to see where this will go
11/4/2015 c5 AnonymousDH
Great chapter. They are so cute together, celebrating Christmas. Can't wait to see how her family reacts.
11/2/2015 c5 carlota206
Great job! Can't wait for more!
10/18/2015 c4 AnonymousDH
Great chapter! And yes, I got a mistletoe kiss! I love how you made them discuss about it, how Harvey sort of ended up telling how he felt.. and they KISSED. Great chapter
10/15/2015 c4 11Darvey415
You can't leave it hanging like that! Please update soon!
10/15/2015 c4 1annnahatcher
omg I cant wait for the next update lol! I love that harvey was the one to talk which Is exactly what I think will happen once it comes to them finally talking about their feelings for eachother. Loved it xx
9/22/2015 c3 66AnonymousDH
OOoh they are so cute together! I love how Harvey was trying to get her to answer and how he was responding to her that he feels the same by talking about the trees. And the mistletoe! YES. Cannot wait for their kiss.
9/21/2015 c3 1annnahatcher
Omggg I cant wait for the new chapter! This was amazing! Keep going xx
9/21/2015 c1 GlassesQ
More please...
9/21/2015 c2 66AnonymousDH
Ooooh yes! Love how DOnna's mom can read her daughter and how Harvey heard that last part of the question. Can't wait to see how Joy or Donna answers!
9/9/2015 c1 AnonymousDH
Great chapter. Bit mad at Donna for asking Mike not to throw Harvey under the bus, but I do understand why she did it. And love the deal Mike made out of it, about DOnna and Harvey. Can't wait to read about their holidays and how Donna's going to cope with her new stepdad.

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