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6/30/2019 c9 Da Bananya Cat2
why un named maid whyyyy
6/30/2019 c8 Da Bananya Cat2
Oh shi- I honestly don’t know who’s going to be screwed at this point...
6/30/2019 c3 Da Bananya Cat2
*sharp inhale of breath through nose* what the heck is wrong with this throne crazy man?
4/16/2018 c1 haihai
4/16/2018 c16 Hai
9/14/2017 c1 Defending Frozen
Frozen is said to be overrated by its fans, but underrated by its haters. Yes, the haters give no respect to the complex plot, the setup of the characters, and all the resemblances made. Those Frozen haters make me sick. They think Frozen, a story about a princess rescuing another princess is not a good story. 100% NOT TRUE ELSA AND ANNA ARE BOTH EQUALLY COMPARED BECAUSE THEY'RE SISTERS AND IF THEY SAY ELSA'S STUPID, THEN I THINK THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT HER PARENTS AND HER SISTER, ANNA TOO BUT THAT'S IDIOTIC TO MAKE ELSA FEEL LIKE SHE HAS NO REASON TO BE IN THE MOVIE, FROZEN AND IF SHE WAS A REAL PERSON WHO SAW ALL THESE BAD THINGS ABOUT HER ONLINE, THEN SHE'LL BE UPSET AND THAT'S HARAM! Those Frozen fans are ungrateful bastards, Jennifer Lee's the reason Frozen exists and now they're acting like 'Oh she's so stupid' They need to GROW UP. They are ungrateful and they never say thanks to the writers for making them the Frozen movie, instead harass and abuse them for not giving Elsa more screen time. Blame Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck for this, Blame Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck for that, Blame Jennifer and Chris... they need to STOP IT! This just goes to show how ungrateful they are, and they should thank them for making the movie, Frozen! That was well received! Elsa's fans are the WORST. They really need to learn to appreciate what the writers have done. What’s is so wrong about this film, Frozen? It was very entertaining with story, characters, singing, and others, wasn't it? Now, I haven’t seen much of this film in a while but I don’t think there's really much to hate. Elsa was such an intriguing character. I know people were upset that her screen time is less than Anna but that is part of the mystery of The Snow Queen. Even in the original fairy tale she is mysterious. For what Jennifer Lee did to develop a more human connection with Elsa, she did a great job. Elsa, running away from the kingdom: She ran away from the kingdom to protect others. It’s nice that she could’ve tried to be brave over the years as a child instead of worrying a lot until she's an adult (because children are carefree). Anna didn’t listen to her sister after she told her to stop jumping so fast: How would she listen to her sister, Elsa at 5 years old? SHE WAS 5, NOT 6! She doesn't understand how the real world reality works, nor can she follow rules very much. She cannot think about how other people feel very much. Do research! People mainly ship Jack Frost and Elsa because they both have ice powers. That goes against their hypocrisy that they complain that Anna tried to marry a man she just met. Yet they want Elsa and Jack Frost to get together right away! I hated how the Frozen people only developed Elsa and left the other characters half-done! Anna doesn't have the attention she deserves because the Frozen people didn't write her very well! Thanks to them, they made Anna into a selfish, spoilt villain! I hate how the creators neglected her in favoritism of Elsa! I hate how they bash Anna and defend Elsa for everything. It hurts when people say Anna’s personality is stupid or that ‘no one is actually like that’. I identified strongly with her, and then I see everyone praising Elsa to the high heavens and smashing Anna to bits. It feels like everyone is telling me that I’m stupid and worthless, like they think she is. It saddens me that people glorify Elsa and flat out avoid Anna like the plague. As the youngest sister, I’m easily under the shadow of my elder sister and the way people treat Anna really hurts me, the same way they treat a younger sibling in favor of an older sibling. It’s really sad that people only look on Elsa’s side and ignore Anna’s. They all think Anna is a villain because she is so “d*mn selfish” and it is “all her fault.” This is why I hate about Frozen now, it’s fanbase keeps spreading so much nonsense about pitting sisters against each other and the stupid Jelsa shippings! I wish people stopped taking sides on Elsa/Anna. Elsa's fearful and struggles with herself. Anna's lonely and desperate but they need each other or else, they’ll die. It’s as people are shaming both of them when they defend one of the sisters. Jealous Anna fans just pit the sisters, Elsa and Anna against eachother. It’s not unfair to say if there are two women in a story the conversation, by media and fans alike, pits them against each other. To pit them against each other is to ignore the story of Frozen. I have one message for them- Anna's the sweetest, kindest and cutest Disney character I know. To make Anna seem like the bad guy is wrong, because if they've seen the movie, they'd know that Anna and Elsa love each other. They're turning the sisters against each other to make Elsa seem like the better one, which's completely wrong. I hope they watch the movie again to remind themselves that they should really be watching their words; they missed the whole point of Frozen. I'll always defend Anna, and even Elsa, as sisters.. not as rivals. I love Elsa, but here fandom on IMDb annoys me, especially when they put Anna down to make Elsa look better. I cannot stand "Life's Too Short." It sounds forced, it's not catchy, and the sisters act like complete bitches to each other. I'm SO glad it was taken out. Stop pitting Anna and Elsa against each other. Please, please, stop making it a competition between which sister suffered more. I’m sick and tired of it because the thing is, both of them suffered and whether or not you think one went through more pain than the other, it doesn’t negate what the other went through. I’m getting really tired of people saying that Elsa suffered more, or that Anna suffered more, as if that invalidates the other one’s pain. I’m getting tired of people saying that one sister is better than the other, or arguing that one of them loves the other more than vice versa because you know what? Neither sister is better than the other. They'd both be nothing if they weren't together. Anna and Elsa are both amazing characters, and they've both suffered some pretty crappy childhoods, and they both love each other with all of their hearts. It’s not a competition, and it never has been so please stop making it one. It bothers me that these people missed the point of the movie. They're both heroines worthy of love and attention. It’s okay to have two protagonists especially if they're sisters. It's fine if they're sisters, if this was true, what would I do? Criticize everyone for having a sister on their own? That'd like being racist, and I'm not racism, so no, I don't. I don’t get why there are people who say that they hate Anna or Elsa or any other Frozen character. So they aren’t perfect. No one is. I don’t get why so many people hate on Frozen by saying, “It’s racist.” or “Disney has way too many white princesses.” I’m dark and I love Elsa, Anna, and all the other princesses. Why can’t everyone just love Frozen the way it is?
9/14/2017 c1 Anna and Elsa
Great, just another sibling yin yang.
9/8/2017 c16 1Drakon LightShield
Aww, this story was brilliant! I loved every second. I'm glad that every attempt to kill Elsa failed. It would have been terrible if she had died. But since she didn't, she and Anna have a chance to become close once more, and Elsa finally learns how to control her powers!
Thank you for writing this. It was a blast to read!
2/27/2017 c16 wre000fwt
Oh my friend... Thanks to YOU for sharing it with us! I enjoyed it so much. When Elsa was losing control and Anna said she trusted her because she loved her, the first thought I had in mind was "There it is! The answer! Love is the answer," and boom! Anna realized. Ohhhh... And that's why I read in this wedsite, because of fanfictions like this one! Oh yeah!
2/27/2017 c15 wre000fwt
They were so close! This chapter kept me in amazed. They almost got the answer. I'm so pleased of how things are going between Anna and Elsa so far. Thumbs up!
2/9/2017 c1 Daisymermaid
Hm. I'm leaning towards death, but in a sad, beautiful scene.
12/2/2016 c16 205CrueFan21
Good ending. I'm sad to see this story end, because I think you could do a lot more with it. Anyway, maybe you write some Anna and Elsa one-shots now! I think you'd do a great job at that! Thanks for the awesome story!
12/1/2016 c16 18MantaI-305Apollo'sChariot
What a great ending chapter:) The very end was slightly rushed, but it was a perfect conclusion. I hope you decide to write a sequel, to be honest. Let Elsa finish healing and let her and Anna just spend some time together.:)

I loved how Anna helped Elsa realize how she could control her magic. It was pretty much exactly how I imagined her figuring it out.:) I rather want some more Elsa-thoughts, but that's just picky me talking, lol.
So much fluff and cuteness, I love Elsa and Anna being happy and spending time together.:)

Going into favorites as the story's complete!
11/28/2016 c16 4MHWaze
That is very good ending,well done.
11/28/2016 c16 1FullTimeFangirl931
Adorable ending! :)
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