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9/29/2017 c1 1Pecha Pichu
Gosh my head feels a bit mixed up,cause I always found it hard to see Beijing as a female - and imagined they would look pretty much like Hong Kong in his traditional garb. My mind's still a bit messed up,but the girl being described sounds like a really cute Taiwanese girl,who I thought was Taipei but turned out to be ... Beijing? From my experience Mainland China girls just generally tend to dress a bit differently from flowery light dresses you see in Taiwam and Japan haha

Anyway,Beijing/Taipei is a rare shipping that I would love to see more of! Especially city-centric fics and sneaking behind China and Taiwan's backs xD
9/10/2015 c1 Nowhereland
Yaaaass OCs! Taipei/Beijing seems like a really cute ship! I love your writing style as always (there's an air of mystery and formality mixed with this 'old wise storytelling' air.) This is absolutely beautiful (like everything you've ever written!) I would love to see more of this!

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