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for What About Georgia? Rewrite

11/3/2017 c1 Guest
Hi ... wen can we expect the next chapter...please please update soon
10/29/2017 c28 8Dream Walker's Obsession
I have quickly fallen in LOVE with this story! I read the first 28 in 2 days. I love the spin youve put into this, i am obsessed with the VA series and this is by far my favorite FF ive read on it. Please update soon!
10/23/2017 c28 2ElenaMazur
OMG! I cannot wait to read more! I can read this all day and night long! lol and I thought of another duet, Picture by Kid rock and sheryl crow and remind me by carrie underwood and brad paisley! lol
10/22/2017 c28 debpreato
Roza is suffering so much..
Breaks my heart
10/21/2017 c28 1Leokat24
Another great chapter. Cant wait to read more! :)
10/20/2017 c28 alfarrow25
Very good chapter!
10/20/2017 c28 Guest
Yeah, I can’t wait for another two weeks. Please, update again soon! Ah! There’s so much I want to say! Great song choices- I wonder if Dimitri heard Rose singing them or will hear them I wanted to tear up at the end. Does he stay and cuddle with her? He totally loves her. There’s too much tension between the two of them, and his actions, although masked 99% of the time show he loves her. Who is going to spill their secret first? I wanted to cry after reading the flashback too. It made me mad at him again. I know he has a secret too, but Rose was left without a word and still hasn’t received any sort of explanation. I’d go crazy if that was me. Rose has been through SO much. Lastly, I definitely want to hear Dimitri sing a song, it’d give us a peek into his internal self...kinda like on the plane when Rose was sleeping. Update ASAP!
10/20/2017 c28 harmony82
Poor rose
10/20/2017 c28 sarahmarhanka
Loves this chapter! Can't wait to see what happens next!
10/20/2017 c1 MikaBelikova
Omg i love your story so much!️ Your writing is so special. Thank you for updating so fast
10/19/2017 c28 1baroness vixen
10/19/2017 c28 9lovesmesomedanilalol
I loved this chapter. I can't wait for the next, hope to see it soon.
10/19/2017 c28 QTSuzie3
OMG, the ending made me cry! I hope they reconcile soon... this chapter was so heartbreaking, yet fun at the same time. So happy you used "I Got the Boy"... I always think of your story when I hear it. Your portrayal of Adrian and Rose's friendship is one of my favs because he truly cares for her, but only as a friend. I think it helps that they never became close enough to be together so never had the broken heart. Adrian is so good for her, as a friend. The scene at the bar when Dimitri shows up and how he reacts was great... and hopefully, he finally realizes how much Rose truly means to him. I'm convinced that Tasha is holding a secret from his past over his head and that is why they are engaged. Probably the secret he doesn't want to share with Rose and his family... just a theory though, lol. Anyway, I can't wait for more.
10/19/2017 c28 2tori28
Ughh. I want more. Please please update soon. I am dying to read. Please more of Dimitri and Rose.
10/19/2017 c28 russia2774
Oh boy drunk talk coming not good please more updates
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