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for What About Georgia? Rewrite

2/5/2018 c34 Heydi Eliza
Que bueno que habrá una secuela, me encantaría leerla
2/5/2018 c34 9IsyRoseBelikova
Muy lindo, pero me hubiera gustado que descubriera lo de Abe.
Habrá otro epílogo?
2/5/2018 c34 debpreato
SO Excited you are looking at doing sequel! I don't think we've seen the last of Tasha. Does she drive? Will love their future story. Thank you
2/5/2018 c34 8Dream Walker's Obsession
ahh i was so excited seeing an update this morning! love love it and im dying for the sequel...already have my suspicions on who hit her and i cant wait to see how you play this...thank you for the wonderful story
2/5/2018 c34 AzaleaSage
Nice! It could have been longer but since there will be a sequel it's not necessary. I can't wait for it!
Hope you are doing okay! I really loved this book from the start till the end! You are an amazing author and I am sure the sequel will be awesome!
By the way, have you thought about what you are going to do with Insta fame? You had mentioned a while ago that you wanted to continue it. I hope you do it was a great story!
2/5/2018 c34 9NB313
aww can't wait for sequel... would love to see scene with Abe n Janine...I'm sure it will be intense...hmm crazy driver could be Stan or one of her crazy ex's...like Jesse...I don't think Tasha would stoop this low...
2/5/2018 c34 4Katylou32
An amazing end, you will definitely be hearing from me for the squeal. You are an amazing writer
2/5/2018 c34 russia2774
please be a sequel love it so much
2/5/2018 c34 Guest
god i wish you wrote a bit more after so much angst i need loads of romitri love
2/4/2018 c34 2tori28
Well I hope you do the sequel, there are lots of things that still are unrevealed like Abe being her father and most of all I am not ready for this story to end, good things just started and I don't want them to end so soon.
2/4/2018 c34 9lovesmesomedanilalol
Loved it. Please let us know, when you start posting the sequel.
1/22/2018 c33 Guest
Okay... Loved the story... But I ha e to say Im disappointed with the ending. It left a lot unfinished. Questions unanswered. It seemed like you got to busy to finish or just got bored with it.
Who caused the last accident? Was it a hit and run? Rose was a dancer... Did the accident take that from her? Did they decide to stay in LA or go to London? What about her father? Her mother? What really happened with Janine? She seemed confused by some of roses accusations. There were never any flashbacks or much of any explanations about ralph and the abusive relationship or how it all happened. I know the belikovias dragged her out of it but that's it.

Okay so that was a lot of complaints... Sorry. I really did enjoy your story. You're an amazing writer. I hope you'll update or do a sequel.
1/21/2018 c33 1Leokat24
Love this story and your work!
1/12/2018 c33 9NB313
aww beautiful way to end...I can't help but wonder if her emotional state is due to another reason :p
1/9/2018 c33 2tori28
Yippee. A happy ending and I am definitely waiting for an epilogue.
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