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for Don't Let It Go To Your Head

9/4/2021 c28 Snix
I miss this story. So hot
3/6/2021 c28 Guest
Pleaaaaaaasse please please update? I love your stories
10/10/2020 c28 Mr-Nobody-x
Please please continue this. Its soo good
9/29/2020 c28 Guest
God I wish there was more
8/10/2020 c28 3MikeChang12
God I miss this.
7/30/2020 c28 Guest
I wish you would update
8/8/2019 c28 Mr-Nobody-x
please please update this. this story is amazing
9/27/2018 c28 NovaKeepsKeys
So I was reading one of your stories, I cant remember which now, and liked it so much that I decided to read through the rest of them. And I’ve left a couple notes here and there about how great you and they are and where I’d like to see more. This one though... I am invested. You’ve made the characters canonical but you’ve added depth that just made everything so much richer. I don’t like to pressure writers ‘cos I know real life gets in the way. But I’m invested and I need to see where this goes.
7/14/2018 c28 Guest
I really wish you’d have carried this on. Soooo good
2/22/2018 c28 Guuest
I really like your story, hope you'll keep writing it :)
7/29/2017 c27 Gusto
Please update last chapter was SO good, need more
5/15/2017 c28 Leelan22
Well DAMN! This chapter was so damn good. I love how Santana is been so dominant but at the same time cares about Rachel and how she's feeling. Also, the latina isn't the only one who isn't surprised Rachel has a praise kink hahahaha I believe everyone has one! Who doesn't like to hear they're doing a good job and pleasing their partner? I hope they can soon officially make it a relationship because that's the only thing that's left. Awesome update, thank you!
5/14/2017 c28 1Gleebegay
soo fucking happy this story has been updated! Earlier today I decided to reread the entire thing and then you updated and made my entire day lol.

I seriously love this Pezberry relationship that isn't exactly a relationship but should be a relationship. I just want them to officially be together because they're so cute. Rachel is so fucking submissive it's hot and Santana is just fucking hot always but her being so dominant with Rachel is everything. Can't wait for the next chapter!
5/11/2017 c27 Leelan22
YES! This is back! Damn it, I have missed this story a lot. I can't wait for more, thank you!
5/10/2017 c27 40images-in-words
Still one of the best Peaberry stories ever written. Thank you so much for the update! Can't wait for more.
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