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for Don't Let It Go To Your Head

2/17/2016 c25 lxqn
"Tell me again why we're not skipping and having that sleepover already?" yup, exactly! lol Please, please let Rachel dominate Santana at least once?
2/17/2016 c25 Guest
Yay! An update! Research amd practice never sounded so sexy. It's kind of funny how both Rachel and Santana are in denial about who's really in charge (it's Rachel, obviously). ;)
2/16/2016 c25 momo0424
That was a damn good chapter! Loved it and can't wait to read the next one!
2/16/2016 c25 auntdedra
so good!
2/16/2016 c25 dorne9
I love this story, not only because you are portraying the characters so well, but also the storyline is great let alone this chapter was amazing. I hope you'll update soon I can't wait for more. Keep up the good work :)
2/16/2016 c25 Leelan22
OMG this is back and I'm extremely happy about it! Because the way the last chapter ended was so freaking hot and man, I seriously love Santana. Again, reading chapter one and now chapter 25 I see how much she has changed her attitude and it's awesome and Rachel at the end of this one ,well damn girl, go get it! But still, sweet and understanding Santana is everything and more and also the subtle hints of dom/sub, thanks for that too! I, like Santana, can't wait for that sleepover to happen!
2/16/2016 c25 Guest
2/16/2016 c25 39images-in-words
I love this story entirely too much. The playful, flirtatious banter between our heroines is just perfect. I'm already eagerly awaiting the next chapter. Thank you for this excellent update. :)
2/16/2016 c24 3squidge86
Oh God the build up is intense. Please please continue this if possible. So hawt! I just love the development between the two, their banter. Love it.
2/4/2016 c24 Pezberry Dantas
So nice :)
Very anxious for the next chapter...
1/25/2016 c24 9Dezired86
very intense story...I mean wow. The intensity between the characters, you can def cut with a knife. Love the collaboration
1/18/2016 c24 PezBerryLife
Man i really hope this gets a new chapter soon! It's been too long and i'm dying to read some more of this lovely smut.
12/30/2015 c24 Guest
Fffffinally! !
12/27/2015 c24 momo0424
Chapters 23 and 24 were hella good! Loved them!
12/22/2015 c24 auntdedra
so good!
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