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for Don't Let It Go To Your Head

12/22/2015 c24 auntdedra
so good!
12/22/2015 c24 Arial Wolf
the build up i'll bet it will be explosive climax
brilliant thank you
12/21/2015 c24 pizzamuncher
I thought the build up was torturous but then you ended the chapter there! I wanted to scream a little lol
12/21/2015 c24 courtneynr15
Ugh! U cnt leave me like tht! Thts so mean lol
12/21/2015 c24 Gracksies
Stopping it there is seriously torture and I so hope it isn't a whole week for the next chapter. Great writing!
12/21/2015 c24 Charbroiil
So glad you updated! I'm kinda confused on what Santana wants from this though. Like she said she wants up on Rachel so does she just want her physically? But she also said she wants to be exclusive so does she want a relationship?
12/21/2015 c24 Leelan
Oh my God, this story just keeps getting better! I love Santana so much and in this chapter she suprised me in a very good way. She took the lead and guided Rachel without been annoyed (well, not too much) about it. She's the one with the more experience and here she showed it and her been respectful but still trying to make Rachel feel good was everything and again, I love her. I was right with the fact that Rachel thought that Santana was only playing with her, though. I'm glad that they talked, here you can clearly see (read) how Rachel has influenced Santana and vice versa. Can't wait for the next chapter, thank you for the update!
12/21/2015 c24 2hotdamnaya
major cliffhanger but... so so sooo hooottt. damn! that was scorching! can't wait to read the next chapter. :-)
12/21/2015 c24 Guest
Getting hot there huh
12/21/2015 c24 LaurenKnight13
Tease! Lol, this chapter was perfect, but you ended it too soon. I hope you get to update soon! Especially after teasing us lol. Rachel's implied idea of a snap on was hot... I hope they get to that too. Thank you both for the update.
12/21/2015 c24 Guest
I-I'll never look at polka dots the same way ever again ;)
12/21/2015 c24 Guest
Well that was insanely hot! The tension building was brilliant, and the playful Pezberry interactions make for a fun read
12/19/2015 c23 hotdamnaya
this is one of the stories i really look forward to her in gleefanfic. i love this universe. i love how hot / adorable santana is. hope this story continues forever! i smile everytime i see an update. thanks for that. hope you update soon!
12/17/2015 c23 PezberryIsLife
BEST pezberry fic i've ever read! PLEASE keep updating this! Doing a splendid job! 3
12/12/2015 c23 Guest
Whew, I think I need to fan myself. Santana can seduce me anytime, hot damn. How Rachel is holding on to her sanity for so long, yet somehow think this is all a game to Santana, is beyond me.
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